Flatland Racing Skid Plate

I did a post a few weeks ago for suggestions on a skid plate. I just got my new plate from Flatland Racing. You NEED to check this thing out. Not only is it tough, but it's the coolest looking skidplate I've seen. Fit is great! Not rattling or vibrating.

I had looked at e-line's carbon plate and a few others. This skid plate blows them away.


I'm sure it's nice but I'm partial to my Utah Sportcycle skid plate. My Flatland radiator guards are nice, though. :)

I agree. I got the Flatland skid plate and like it a lot. It bolted right on and offers great protection. The radiator gaurds are great too. :)

Just ordered mine on Friday.....did it bolt to existing frame holes? Hate those J-hooks that came with my Moose skid plate....paint gougers, big time! :)

Those hooks on my utah cycle plate are a pain in the butt when it comes time to put the plate back on. :)

Can't figure out why all manufacturers can't use the existing holes from the original glide plate.....sooooo much easier and cleaner install.

Using the original mounts would be nice eh? Drill a hole, weld a nipple on the plate, done and done.

I still like the Utah plate though:


Help me understand. Do both Utah and Flatland skid plates use mounting brackets? Do both have oil drain access without removing the plate? Is there any skid plate that mounts without brackets using factory holes? What about the e-line skid plate, brackets/oil access? Yes or No?

The Flatland use's the stock holes. You just need to remove the stock plastic plate and the stock skid plate. I called Flatland about the case gaurds and they said you could leave them on. The radiator gaurds are top notch also. :)

It was simple. 4 8mm bolts that go right in. Serious quality stuff.

There's no hooks on the Flatland plat. Just 4 8mm bolts. Simple install.

It's a simple install. Just take your old stuff off, then grab a 8mm socket and throw it on. No sweat. Same deal with the radiator guards. I don't know why anyone wouldn't use the stock mounts. That sounds like a real pain.

Ive got one of those crappy old Moose Plates and its like wrestling a greased pig to get it on.

Espically after it has taken a few hits as mine has and it has been bent. Then its about impossible to get the top bolt in the frame. :)

I love Flatland products. I might have to consider a new plate soon just because of how it bolts up.

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