oil change and oil breather confusion. help!!

hi, i've just finished doing an oil and filter change on my '04 wr 450 f and i noticed, after the oil change, that theres a breather coming off the top of the rocker cover which is blowing air out. is this normal? i only noticed because i had my bash plate off so it might of always done it. thanks for looking guys! :thumbsup:

Just the vent hose for the crankcases. As long as its air - its normal

yeah it is just air coming out. also what happens if i go through a puddle higher than the end of the pipe? will any water get sucked up? many thanks.

During normal running the breather should blow but it will suck while starting. If you are going to be doing a lot of deep water riding, then route the pipe up & into the airbox. You can add a filter or catch tank to the end, to stop your airbox/filter gettin' messed up.

good idea! i'll do that tomorrow night. what kind of filter? i was thinking of an universal in line fuel filter for a car... would that be alright? thanks for your help and advice. :thumbsup:

As long as you can clean it....whatever :thumbsup:

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