oil change? oil bleeding? banjo bolt? help....

hi, i read on a few posts that you have to undo a banjo bolt and kick your engine over with the main switch off to get oil up the top.... why does this need to be done? and does it matter if you start your bike up after the oil and filter change and this banjo bleeding thing wasn't done? i've done it now and oil trickled slowly out. cheers guys!

You again...cracking the banjo bolt is really only necessary after top end or other engine work. If its only an oil change, theres still goin' to be sufficient oil on the internal surfaces on start up.

yeah me again. :thumbsup: thanks buddy. i'm really new to all this modern(ish '04) stuff! and i want to make sure i don't wreck my bike with me messing with it. by the way, whats all this 'grey wire' about? alot of people on here say they've pulled it out. is it a rev limiter? thanks again.

The grey wire alters the ignition timing. Basically changes it to that of the YZ. Depends on how/where you ride as to whether you need it. I put a switch on mine...best of both options....:thumbsup:

good idea again! just an in line switch to disconnect the wire or a more complicated one? and where is this wire? in lamon terms if you can? many thanks once again. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Take off the left side panel & its in there. I used a waterproof on/off switch (simple 2 pin)and routed it into the airbox. You have to switch it with the ignition off for the alteration to take effect.

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