Need extra large tank

I am looking to trade someone for their extra lagre capacity tank for my 2000 426 tank that has stock graphics. i think we would have to trade the seats too. thanks

If you are me, I'll trade my spare WR tank and seat. You'll be sorry in the end however.......

Why would i be sorry? Is the tank messed up or somethin? Do you have a pic?


No - it is like brand new, so is the seat. I took it off my WR to put on a narrower tank (Acerbis - there is a post with pictures) and a YZ seat. Your YZ seat/tank lets you get forward on the bike for better handling than you can with the WR set-up. Most all WR owners change their tank and seat out - so there are many available. If you want to trade - you won't find anything in better shape. 2001 WR with about 40 miles on it before the tank was removed. If you are interested I'll email you a picture. what shape is your tank/seat in?

I also have WR tank and seat for sale. Are in great shape, maybe 100 miles on them. Trade for your YZ tank seat or I'll sell them.

Hey guys these posts caught my interest! I have an 01yz426, I race hare scrambles in MO/KS, needing more fuel capacity. Are the WR seat/tank combos that bad? I am a stand up rider, and need to know if the trade for the WR set up be worth while or should I just buy an aftermarket tank? I only play around on a motox track, so that is not an issue. Let me know.

The WR Tank/Seat design is so poor I would still go with an IMS/Acerbis/Clarke alternative.

Yes they are that bad. Get an aftermarket one, you will regret it if you don't. Even if you are a stand-up rider, you sit to corner on tight corners - that is when you'll hate the stock WR and that goofy steep seat. I went with Acerbis on my WR - but there are great thing said about the Ty Davis, IMS, and Clark also. Stay with your YZ seat and go with a good aftermarket tank.

Pictures of mine are shown here:

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