2007 YZ450F Hotcams use them or not

I'm sure this question or something close has been posted, but I can't find it. I'm rebuilding my 2007 YZ450F. I'm installing a new 13.5:1 Vertex piston with a new cylinder. Rebuilding the head, new stock valves,springs, guides, everything else, and having the seats done. I have a Dr. D exhaust. Should I replace the cams with the Hotcams stage1 or 2, and if so how will that effect my power band. I like the way it is but want a little more power. But I don't want to lose either the top or the bottem. Anybody who has used the Hotcams in this bike would be a great help. Thanks

Anyone have an opinion on Hotcams in the YZ450f?

I run them in my 03' and I love them, I would definitely buy them again.

the 07 has a different cam profile from the 03. Make sure the hotcams you are looking at are in fact a differant taller lobe profile than the stock one.

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