2001 yz426 Suspension Settings

Hi all, I just purchased a 2000 426 from a guy who bought a new 2001 426. He gave me the new suspension (2001). Great deal for me, but the manual I have is for a 2000. Any help on base settings for the 2001 forks,shock would be appreciated. I set them up accord to the 2000 manual, and it was way too harsh on the front end. The rear seemed ok. I am new to thumpers (had a yz250), but my first ride was quite a thrill. The damn motor just seems to never stop building power! I keep revving higher and higher and it still has never hit the rev limiter. The neighborhood will never be the same....

The springs for a 2000 and 2001 are the same. So you should be able to start with the settings in your manual and go from there.

Remember to check the oil height in your forks as well. This affects the last 1/3 of the stroke. Most poeple run about 100mm from the top. Stock is 130mm



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

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