[b]de octopussing[/b]

does it help alot more to de octopus it rather that shortenning the durration of the injector pump. :)

No. You will not notice a preformance gain from de-octopussing. Someone correct me if Im wrong but I think it does aid in easier starting. (mine did)

Anyways, I thought it only applied to 98-99 WR models.. :)

I also believe that deoctopussing only applies to 1999 and older models. On the WR 426, the ACV mod is similar and very simple to perform. As far as performance gains...I didn't notice any. The mod simply reduces backfiring on deceleration. Also, these mods only apply to the WRs not the YZs.

If aplicable, de-octing your carb will reduce the chances of a vacum leak and clean up the "look" of your bike. Shortening the AP squirt duration will make the bike crisper/cleaner coming off of idle. Regulating the AP squirt may also require re-jetting.


Not to mention that when fiddling with your jetting you will get more constant results than with this ACV bypass/aka Octopuss screwing things up for you. Remove it and be happy. The only reason its on there is to satisfy US EPA regulations..........as a result we got it on the Euro bikes too!

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