Ditch the 450 and go back to 250f?

So I have been debating swapping my 450 back to a 250f. The reason being is I think the 250f might have been more of a fun factor so to speak. I could really beat on the 250f and run it as hard as I wanted. With the 450 it seems like I only have fun on outdoor wide open tracks. I run some tight stuff sometimes on my 450 and I never get out of first or second plus its heavier so its not as fun. It has 13/50 on it and I'm not sure if I should go lower or just go back to a 250f or 200 2t maybe.

Anyone else experience this "fun factor" loss?

no fun loss here.

The last 450 I had was in 05. I started riding my sons 250F's and I havent looked back. I am 38 and have a mortgage so I kinda like to stay in one piece. I will jump everything on arenacross tracks (not triples but all the step on step offs and double through everything else) most stuff on an outdoor track depending on how big the jumps are and in the woods is really the only place I would like a little more power. I am taking care of that issue this spring by porting the head to match the cams I have and running a 270 big bore kit. I dont miss my 450 at all.

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