Since there is too much snow to ride until we get some melt off , I finally got around to putting a fan on my 450X , i read some posts on what to buy and went out and got everything i needed , i soldered all connections and wrapped the wire so nothing can rub Parts: SW524 Cooling Fan Switch ...AutoZone ...$32.99 Spal 4" 12v Pull Cooling Fan ...EBay ........$35.99 12v 2 prong male/female connector ...RadioShack....$5.99 Shrink Wrap ...RadioShack..$3.49 ATC Splash Proof Fuse Holder..AutoZone..$3.29 and about a 4' peice of wire i had laying around , i went a little extra and added some 1/4" split loom wire wrap , i got that at Shucks/O'Rielly Auto ..$6.99 So for roughly $88.74 i got a cooling fan that turns on when the temp gets too hot then shuts off by itself Fan and 12v connector to unplug the fan when needed for maintainance SW524 Cooling Fan Switch Had to modify the brace a little Fuse Holder