Hatfield-McCoy Trails in WV

Just got back from the Hatfield McCoy trails in WV. We rode the Bearwallow trailhead. This was a very humbling experience for me. I've been riding about a year now and wiped out on these trails in one day, more than I have in the entire last year. I'm now the new owner of the handguards and skid plate that I should have bought the week before I left.

Big thanks goes out to Yimmyhauler!! If it hadn't been for his trailside mechanic ability and great riding skills, I'd still be sitting on the side of the mountain. BIG THANKS!!!

Bearwallow is a great place to ride :D. Did you do any of the single track or black trails? After my first few rides on black trails I decided they are not a smart thing to do. :)

Funny thing is...the guy that owned the campground said they don't "spot grade" the trails. In other words, it would be likely that a green trail has sections that should be marked as black diamond.

He was right.

I hear Little Coal river and a few others don't share the same pucker factor as bearwallow. I think we'll try there next.

Where do you ride around Lynchburg? PM me and let me know! Good to see a fellow Virginian on the forum.

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