what year is this kx60??????????

ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIGURE OUT YEAR?????? :banghead:frame number KX060B-024511

Since they made it for so many years, you may want to call a Kawasaki dealer and ask. There were around 19 years of "B" models, I think.

UK numbers are different that US numbers, so it will hard for many of us to help you.

ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIGURE OUT YEAR?????? :banghead:frame number KX060B-024511

now have engine number if that would help? engine-KX060BE018

Call your dealership and give them the frame and case numbers.

I agree with Jeenkinz. Since US and UK frame numbers are different, and so many years covered the B's anyway, calling or visiting a local dealer is really your best shot at figuring it out.

ok guys! thanks for your help. Iam going to purchase clymer manual over the weekend, and if that doesnt help, i will try find local kawasaki dealer..

you know how i keep hearing about these "B" models, is it possible that mines is a 2002 going by the b18 at end of engine numbers..

does anyone have a set of kx60 numbers close to hand so i could get an idea or atleast a manual they can look up? :smirk:

bro, call your dealer...or any dealer in the UK and they will set you straight. Come on now!

Post a picture of he bike. Maybe the graphics or stock seat cover color will help us.

You know what I was thinking too...in case you don't have a phone to call a dealer, check the cylinder for the last 4 digits of the part number. That will give you a general idea of the year. You might find a part number on something else like the CDI which changes often year to year.

I was thinking engine number, sorry. A dealer can look in a model identfication guide. I can not find all mine, right now. From looking at the numbering of the 1986 - 1988 book I could find, I would guess it is around a 1993 model. I have been moving stuff around, so I have misplaced my later year books.

cant upload pics guys? not very into computers! if it had an engine then it would be different! :smirk: ... tryed uploading pic of kids bike to my profile pic if that helps? sorry guys if it not good enough, really appreciate the genuine guys helping out.. jeekinz!!!! i know what a would do with my phone if you were near by! less of the smart remarks! not everyone is as great as you! B)

I found my 1995 - 2001 book. A 1995 has a barely larger number, so it must be a 1994 model.

I found my 1995 - 2001 book. A 1995 has a barely larger number, so it must be a 1994 model.

cheers dude.. That will do for me.. Guy i got it off assured me that it was a 2000! should have done my homework before buying it :smirk: .. It was impulse buy for kids xmas..


In the USA, we have a 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), with the tenth digit being the year code.

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