YZ 426 flywheel weight question

I ride an 02 YZ426F and generally ride mx tracks with it (never raced but just like riding fast on mx tracks) but I plan on doing some gncc racing this summer. If I add a 12oz flywheel weight how will it effect it on an mx track. I already have the weight but haven't had it put on yet. I did some tight woods riding this last summer and it sucked because I never seemed to get out of 1st gear and the throttle was way to abrupt for the woods. I was told that adding the weight would smooth out the power but I am concerned about how it will do on a mx track with the weight.

Hi, jecole360!!!

I realize my comparison here is kinda "apples-to-oranges" here, but.....

I recently put the heavier "Off Road" Yamaha GYTR flywheel on my '06 450. I only have 2 rides on it, both at an indoor arena cross track. I think I like it. I haven't really noticed a "bad" thing about having it on yet. It does rev up a hair slower, but at almost 55 years of age here, that's probably "A Good Thing" for me...... :thumbsup::ride: The bike still seems to have the oats to clear anything I have the testicles left for, and will still pick up revs quickly enough when I need it to.....

If it will ever stop raining around here, I need to go out & do some stump jumping on my property. I have several stumps that I kinda do the observed trials "double blip" deal to. Basically, do a slow wheelie to get the front end up on the stump with one blip of the throttle, and then do another blip as the rear wheel contacts the stump, to get you over it. My 450 would flame out a lot doing this w/o the flywheel weight, unless I hit these stumps with a little speed.... :blah: I'm hoping the new flywheel will help in that area. I'm also hoping it'll make things a little smoother on outdoor tracks. The Old Timer's races I ride have 18 minute long motos (5 of them over 2 days), and I'm hoping it'll make it easier on my sorry butt when I'm sucking every last oxygen molecule I can get my lungs to wrap around at the end of those races.....


Thanks Goob! I think I'm going to go ahead and have it put on. I guess if I don't like it I can always take it off. From what I have been reading though it sounds like I'll like it more than I'll hate it!

i got the same exact bike with same weight... it was on there when i bought it but i love the way this bike is, it kinda reminds me of my 400ex the way it will chugg but then it will hit high revs with no problem, woods, track love it all on this bike, from what i hear its kinda light a feather weight with out it and then your always on the troughtle i can hit a lot lower RPM without it stallin and still

have PLENTYYY of power I will never take mine off!!

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