gytr AIS removal kit '06 450

I know, I know. Trust me - I looked at every possible previous post, but nowhere can I find this item. Is it no longer in production? I'll send a finder's fee to anyone that can locate one for me! :thumbsup::foul:

I wanting to pick up an new 2009 wr450f ,AIS is back order until 12/20/10 as soon it gets here I get my new bike.Also wanting for Bajadesign kit to show up.


TT Newbie

OK, just this one time, I will carry your water for you. Motoworld of El Cajon, El Cajon, CA has your AIS kit on the shelf. Call the store number, not the Internet sales number and talk to Scott Clark, Manager. One of the other sales people could probably help you, but Scott said he would set you up with the part kit and arrange shipping. Tell him a Los Ancianos M/C member worked with you.

I sincerely appreciate your carrying my water :-)

I did find the part yesterday, however. I now feel it necessary to cal lyour guy and buy something ... will he be competitive on exhaust? I'm thinking the GYTR Oval.




I am a VERY long time customer of this Yamaha franchise -- they treat me right. I do not know what they would do for you, but it is only a telephone call to find out. I would only talk to Scott, he is the Parts Manager.

I ordered it from Long Beach Motorsports $50


Good Luck

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