05 WR450 starter problem

I have an 05 WR450 that the magic button doesnt start any longer. The bike still fires up when kicked but not with the button. When I push the start button I hear a click like it is trying to engage but wont crank the engine. Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated.

1.check battery voltage should be just over 12 v.

start the bike and check battery voltage should rise to above 13 volts just rev the engine a bit.this tells you if the battery is getting charged.

2.the click you hear is the starter trying to engage but has not got enough power to pull the starter in,probably battery is the trouble.

Kick start the bike and go ride around for 15-20 minutes. Kill the engine, then try and start it with the "magic button." If it works, your battery is the issue. You can recharge it if you want, but I would recommend just buying a new one. I'm on the third battery in my '05.

I dont believe its the battery. I checked the voltage and its 12.4 Volts with the bike off, so the voltage is fine. Voltage with the start button pressed is 12.1 Volts. The starter started having this problem intermittently and now its all the time. The clicking is coming from under the seat, not from the starter.

The clicking under the seat is your starter relay. Check the voltage at the stud on your starter when you are trying to start. If no voltage ,possible bad relay, cable or connection. If you have approx. 12 volts at starter while pushing the button, try tapping on it with a hammer handle while pushing the button. If it starts cranking problem is in starter. Probably brushes.


i have the same problem (4 month trying to fix it)

things i've done and no results shown:

-new OEM yuasa battery.

- reconstruct the starting engine .

- replaced spark plug

- replaced cam chain

- checked valves

- checked the wiring harness

the strange thing is that when i remove the starter and connect it directly to the battery, it runs.

the thing that sounds under the seat is the starter selenoid relay, mine does the same sound, I don´t know how to check if it's in good conditions...any idea?

this one:


I will order a new starting motor as soon as posible to see what happens.

if your problem was the starter relay PLEASE:worthy: let me know it


Vicente Varas, ChileBANDERA+CHILENA.bmp

I removed the relay and tested it per the manual and it checked out fine. Continuous when power present. I used compressed air to blow off built up debris from the connection points and re-installed it. Jumpered the red and black on the relay and the starter started cranking. Pushed the button and it cranked then too. Not sure if it was just dirty connection or not but everything seems fine now. Supposed to rain tonight through middle of next week so no riding until after x-mas. We will see if it holds up when I take her out then. Thanks for the help and support. I can always seem to find the answer here.

i was getting the clicking sound today and trying to figure out why. I just did a 100 mile dual sport run last sunday (a very muddy and wet ride) and the bike worked fine the entire day, restart after restart no clicking or even slow cranks. I cleaned the bike well on monday and today was the first time riding it since. My battery is getting a full charge from the battery tender (green light) and even checked the voltage with a dmm and saw 12.97-tender disconnected. So im trying to understand why is the starter relay clicking and the engine not cranking (starts and runs fine with the kicker). I was beginning to think that maybe the starter motor had somehow frozen/stuck since it was such a muddy and wet afternoon and maybe some dirty water found it's way into it and caused it to freeze up . Sure enough i remember crossing a deep creek at the very end of the dual sport ride before shutting down and packing up with a still hot engine. Well, tonight after pushing the button again and again even with the tender connected to get any bit more of voltage, the engine finally cranked.

Weird, man. Weird.

My starter motor is bad too. The problem lies in some bad connections in the actual coil in the motor. When I press the button, I can hear the start relay click, and sometimes some humming. Pushing the button and kicking at the same time will get the starter the momentum it needs to start cranking.

I have tried to fix this twice by resoldering the coil to the commutators (I don't know the real terminology, sorry). The last time it worked a couple of days before (I guess) the solder burnt away again.

well, i dont know what i was talking about in that previous post. The problem is the battery. Even thought I get 12.97 volts, there isnt enough amperage to crank the engine. I jump started the bike from my car and the engine cranked fine. You can even see the headlight dim/bright when i disconnect/connect the jumper cables. So even though you may have enough voltage, you still need amperage to get the engine to turn over. A new battery is in order.

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