Radiation water Circulation direction??


Does anyone know which direction the water flows thru the engine and radiators? I need to cover the radiator thats is the coolest,

(driving in -10 Celcius snow conditions)

bike: yamaha yzf 450, 2009.


kennet from sweden

the outlet from the engine (the hottest point) is on the front of the head and that hose flows to the left radiator top. The inlet to the engine is from both radiators at the bottom. I think the best way to keep the temp up would be to cover the top 1/3 or maybe even 1/2 of both radiators. A cleaner way would be to make some restrictors and fit them in the hoses. trying to find the best solution without a temp gauge is a problem.

When we rode (2 strokes) in really cold freezing conditions we duct taped over both luvers. I would start there and ride it a little and see if it gets really hot. If it does remove 1 row of the duct tape until you find the.....just right temp.

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