ESPN Daytona SX

I can't believe they cut off the start of the 250 main and not some other insignificant segment like part of a heat race. This is the second time I've seen this happen, the other was sometime last year. And all because of womens basketball. And whats up with Art Eckman? Is calling roost wagontails some new slang I haven't heard yet. I have emailed ESPN and complained. I hope you will do the same.

Total crap, cut out a 125 heat not the 250 main! I am going to complain!

Eckman is an idiot, (he always calls him Jerrymee McGrath). I think Bailey is great but they need a new partner for him, just not the (fly hi drive by) goon from the webcasts!

espn sucks ass

I'm not sure who to hate more Pace or ESPN, at least we get "some" air time. Hard to believe the crap they put on a "sports" network and then they hardly give motorcycles in general any air time. They spend more time with the &%$#@! from Cart, and NASCAR than they do with guys who are really risking something when they go racing. When was the last time you saw a Cart racer go home with road rash covering half his body from laying his sled down at 160 plus MPH? Or NASCAR driver bite it on a triple and break both wrists and a couple legs? I know those sports are dangerous too, but who's really putting thier ass on the hot seat when they go racing? Thank God for Speedvision!

By the way Pace sucks cause they couldn't organize a wet dream if they had too. Three SuperX's in one place? Guess they get an "F" for marketing.

Originally posted by ldan:

Or NASCAR driver bite it on a triple and break both wrists and a couple legs? I know those sports are dangerous too, but who's really putting thier ass on the hot seat when they go racing?

Well to be fair, Dale E. didnt do any triples but he did go home in a box. Jeremy McGrath is still alive and kicking. I know motocross fatalities do happen, but they are pretty rare. When was the last top level SX or MX rider killed? Dez racers, thats different...

That's not why I think MX is better than all that car racing crap. You actually have to be fit! In my book, real sports require strength, endurance, conditioning, etc. Hey I know golf and bowling (and auto racing) require skill but the top people aren't really athletes.

Not that it makes any difference but Pace did not put on the Daytona event. I would have to agree on the three SX's in the same stadium but I suppose if they can fill the seats then go where the money is.




What I really hate about ESPN2 is that they change the Supercross airtimes at random. You look on for airtimes, tape it on your VCR, and sit down to watch... last weeks college basketball review! Thanks ESPN2 for the disappointments.

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Go to and sign up. You can search on what you want to watch and then set up email notification. I searched on "Motorcycle" and that brings up all the supercross events. It is set up so that it emails me a day in advance when they are on. This catches all the stupid changes they make and has been very reliable.




I agree completely. The SX schedule has been set for months and months. I would understand showing a basketball game (not agree with, but understand) if it was a local college game. We are being pushed aside by *crap nobody teams without a guarantee of even a rerun later in the week.

*No offence to anybody in a city that had a team playing last week. Go Michigan State!

Tim Heslip

I have Cox digital cable and it has a built in onscreen TV guide that goes out 2 weeks and seems to be really up to date. So far so good...

Go U of A (Arizona)!

I taped the second airing of the race and watched it last night. Now I feel like an idiot. Art Eckman said "they're wagging tails all the way down those whoops", not wagon tails. Still not what I would call good motospeak. I still vote to replace him. At least Speedvision has Larry Maeirs and Dave DeSpain.

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