What parts are interchangeable?

Hello again! After a previous post and people advising on parts I have been looking on ebay and browsing for XR650R parts. Since its only 3 years old parts are limited to find so I was wondering if parts like hubs and triple clamps were interchangeable with other honda's or other motorcycles?

Are there other known interchangeable parts for future reference? With only having an XR200 before this I don't have much experiences with other full size bikes. Like brake pads, oil filters, wheels?



im 99% sure that the front brake pads interchange with the 250R and 400R. Triple clamps dont interchange as far as i know, the 650R has bigger forks. as for other stuff, i think the rear sprockets interchange with the 250R and 400R the rear brake is 650R only though i think, it is definitely bigger than the 250R. All the front brake parts are the same on the 250, 400, 650 as far as i know. I believe the front hubs interchange with the 250 and 400, not sure about the rear. All mechanical and chassis stuff on the 650R is unique to it im pretty sure, it is the only liquid cooled XR and the only aluminum frame. Not alot interchanges, front fender can be changed to any other xr down to a 100? the 650R has a unique front fender that is slightly different than the others but same bolt pattern. other than that, everything is different as far as i know. but im kinda forgetful and stupid at times like now so correct me if im wrong about this stuff. JR

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