Steel sproket

Just ordered a 50t steel sprocket from the stock 49t. Will I feel the weight difference because of the steel, in the power or in the suspension? I wouldn't think so but everyone says they are so much heavier that stock.

I personally probably wouldn't notice a difference in the weight; I just don't have that sensitive of a Butt-O-Meter..... :ride::bonk: Hard to say if You will notice it or not..... :blah:

Also, I personally plan on running a steel sprocket for my next one. I plan on getting one of these:

These things wear incredibly well, and they aren/t that much heavier than steel, from what I've read...... Most of the reviews I've read here, and the posts at other sites ( I've been to have mostly positive things to say about them. There are a few folks that have had problems with them. But I've learned in the Dirt bike world, for whatever reasons, there will always be those that could have problems with an anvil in a rubber room, ya know? :thumbsup:

If, like me, you're more concerned about longevity rather than weight, steel is a good way to go. Have you considered one of the alum center/steel outter teeth portion sprockets like the Supersprox, or Renthal? I had the Supersprox on my KTM, and it held up very well......


Stockers are steel right...............

Stockers are aluminum.

My old china bike ran a steel rear sprocket and I used and abused that thing for 3 years and there's no sign of wear.

I seriously doubt you'd notice it. It's unsprung weight, it's not like changing out something significant like a pipe either. I doubt you're even talking more than a pound anyway.

You may very well feel it, but you might not recognize what you feel. The weight difference can be very close to a pound, and as said, it's unsprung weight. Sprung weight must only be supported by the suspension. Unsprung weight has to be controlled by the suspension, and it is said that a pound of unsprung weight has the same negative effect on handling as 3-4 pounds of sprung weight does.

In most cases, a casual rider won't really notice it, though.

Like stated unsprung weight is a big deal in theory but I doubt it will change a lot that you'll notice unless your counting tenths! I use steel and in your hands feels quite heavier but I can't tell its on the bike but I'm just ride for recreation.

Steel sprocket arroived yesterday.It probably weighs 3x as much as the stocker. Would probably not do it again. The stock sprocket has about 4 hours on it and shows no wear, it says SunStar on it, guess they make pretty good aluminum sprockets. Have not ridden the bike yet but indoors I needed a little more RPMs in second gear coming out of corners to hit the jumps.

and will last 3 times longer too,the damn renthal sticker lasted longer than the sprocket!!!!!!!!!!

What YZ do you have that came with a stock aluminum sprocket?

There are a few steel options out that are relatively light and maintain durability; renthal twin ring, superspox, Ironman and Sunstar Works-Z. I have ran both of the later and am am impressed by both durabilty and weight. Cost, reliabilty or Performance...pick two!

What YZ do you have that came with a stock aluminum sprocket?

What YZ doesn't? Every one I've had in recent memory has come with a Sunstar aluminum sprocket.

It is a 2009 YZ450F. I know there are other options but $19 vs $109 made my decision.

My apologies, my stocker is indeed Al. I assumed it was steel like on my WR.

It does wear very well; 6hrs on stock drive and haven't had to adjust the chain yet and the sprocket looks perfect.

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