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ok, my search function doesnt work so sorry to rehash something that has probably been discussed alot before, so here goes. Is the stock skidplate worth crap? I really havent hammered the bottom of my bike (miraculously) too hard yet so i havent figured this out for myself. Most likely it will get hammered on logs with the occasional large rock for good measure. The BRP is already heavy so a few extra pounds in the form of a better bash plate doesnt really bother me too much. If the stocker is good there is no real point though. Basically i am trying to protect everything i can because i am kinda crash prone, not really a bad rider just really bad luck (or stupid, one of the two). Any help is appreciated, JR

I believe Team Honda uses the stock skid plate on their bikes and some people have said it holds up very well and simply gets thinner on the bottom as it wears. I was too eager to dump mine before I even gave it chance and went aluminum, but beware that you'll hear more engine noise reflected at you unless you dampen it. I covered mine with a truck bed liner and it worked well to dampen the noise. Utah Sportcycle makes most of the aftermarket skid plates that are sold under different names (ie. Moose, Baja Designs, etc), but they're not the only manufacture out there.

I fitted a bash plate from CRD along with a matching set of frame guards. French made!! ( May be a hot topic to you guys ) but well made and looks the biz

Are there any CRD dealers in north america? u got a website where i can check out their stuff? How is that CRD plate holding up? thanks in advance, JR.

I dumped the stocker before I ever rode the bike, good thing, I've bottomed on rocks so hard that I pulled over to see how much oil I was losing...the aluminum one held fine, I just don't see how the stocker would ever hold up to the stuff I've hit.

And yes, it does kick back a lot of engine noise. Got mine at Scotts.

I got mine from Baja Designs and after several years it has a few gnarly gouges in it. It is a good investment. One tip is that the bolts that came with it are not stainless so if they are in place for a while will begin to fuse themselves to the nut brackets. I threw them away and put stainless bolts I got from Lowes. As for the noise, I really don't notice it at high speed through the desert. The White Bros pipe typically wins the battle of the bands. :)

The CRD I got from and I am sure they would sent over to you guys. Its a well built piece of kit and its had a pretty hard time and shows some serious scars but I have no worries about its strength. If you buy the frame guards as well they discount the package. I mounted mine with rubber spacers between the frame & guard as the original bolts vibrated free. I don't notice any real noise since changing over?

the stock plate is plenty protection. save your money and get radiator braces or put it towards suspension or a dampener.

i spend more time/energy/money fixing smashed radiators than any of the components protected by the stock plate.

get radiator guards if you are crash prone.

shameless practice photo post...


note the smashed radiators...

note the stock skid plate...

the 650 is already a coal shovel as is.

you don't need a big chuck of metal under it constantly trying to drop anchor.

doing so will cause more damage/fatigue to your frame in the long run.

this will be my last post on this topic.

let me leave you with this question:

Would you rather grind? Or, would you rather glide?

The stock plate sucks. If you're riding anything where logs, boulders, or hard G outs hit the bottom of the frame then the stock plate will tear apart in no time and it'lll be left hanging from just the 2 front bolts.

The stock frame is super easy to take big chunks of aluminum out of. I'd rather take chunks out of an aluminum plate than the frame. Ditch the plastic plate when it's still new and save it for when you sell the bike to spiffy it up.

There was also a report about 1-1/2 years ago where the stock skid plate led to a whole in the case. A rock had become wedged in between the plastic and the case, next contact the rock went through the case. I've hit hard enough with the aluminum that there is no doubt in my mind it would have resulted in a smashed frame tube or hole in case.

I've hit hard enough with the aluminum that there is no doubt in my mind it would have resulted in a smashed frame tube or hole in case.

That's what I'm talking about :)

I've rolled over some whoops, and cased hard on some rock laying there, right in the middle of the course, at the bottom of a whoop. I'd rather replace my aftermarket skid plate every other year, then to deal with the damage from what I've already hit so far...


Who makes the radiator guards for the XR. Don't fall to often, but when I do, I like it when the bike keeps going once it is back up. Thanks for the info.

i'm not running them yet which is why my radiators look like hell.

there was a post on here a couple weeks ago asking the same question.

i think i'm going with the guards from factory connection.

Works Connection radiator braces are excellent. I run them on my pig, a pig thats been on its side time and time again, and I have perfect radiators. I paid (I believe) $40 for my Works Connection braces. Much better than $250 per side for radiators.


I have the Works Connection Rad Guards and I like 'em just fine! Slung 'em on to the CR500 & the Spawn Of My Loin's KDX too! :)

Where I ride in Arizona and New Mexico if you don't have a decent skid plate you are asking for trouble.

As far as I am concerned Pro Armor skid plates are the best designed that I have seen for the 650.

They are a little more than some of the rest but look and perform sweet. Check it out

DrDirt :)

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