For sale 98 BBRyz400f

the time has come to move on, so im selling my baby...this is the current 5 time world vet champions ex-bike...heres a list of all the mods.

Ported and Polished head

JnM suspension with SOME factory internals

JnM Shock with extensive re-valving.

Carbon Fiber frame guards,Counter Sprocket guard,and rear brake guard.

Pro Circuit Ti Foot pegs.

Scott 3 bolt upper and lower triple clamps.

Pro taper bars

Renthal Sprockets (with 3 spares)

Alluminum throttle tube

Hinson Full clutch assembly

Works White brothers exhaust (yes the real deal)

Real Nickel power caoted onto the frame (its a very cool gold/silver look)

Alluminum subframe

BBR billet

gas cap,Kick Starter, and rear brake pedal and engine mounts.

Brand New White plastic, with brand new BBRmotorsports Graphics kit with Black Hot tops gas tank cover.

White Brothers Air filter.

this bike is very trick... the engine is BRAND new, i just spent 2000 fixing it. everything in the engine has only about 5 hours on it, oil changed after every ride, very very very pampered bike.only the best of everything. And for an extra 500$ you can get Talon gold hubs,with Excel Black rims, and Bull dog spokes and nipples. completely assembled,rear hub hasnt even been ridden on ,and the hubs come with 4 talon gold sprockets, of very size..this bike comes with alot of extras, and is worth every penny. located in houston Texas. selling price is somewere between 4500-5000.

may sound like alot for a 98...but theres alot of works parts on it. very fast too. e-mail me if you are interested. i also have some rough pictures of me riding it if you want to see it. thanx.


by the way only reason im selling it, is because i want the 2002 yz450f, yes i know some people that know yamaha reps, and the 2002 WILL be a 450 with an alluminum frame, for a total weight savings of about 20lbs.

Tell us more about this stuff.

Originally posted by BBRguy:

Real Nickel power caoted onto the frame (its a very cool gold/silver look)

he meant to say nickel looks just like an aluminum frame (or like the color of a nickel LOL)! This means it wont ever have to be repainted because it will not ever wear off! But I know it was expensive to get it done (it was done br RAT racing)!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I'm not interested in the bike, but I am interested in the Talon/Excel set up for $500. If you want to sell those seperate let me know.


John E. Walker


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