07 WR450 Australian wiring diagram

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2007 WR450 that shows the turn signal lamps, flasher relay and horn set up for Australian released bikes? This is not included in the factory workshop manual wiring diagram I have access to.

My bike has had all the above removed / disconnected by a previous owner and I need to rewire it so I can get it inspected for road legal registration in South Australia.

I have tried to figure it out myself and the main wiring loom is still intact with the original indicator lamp wires / plugs but I can not seem to work out how it operates with the relay, hand switches etc.

Are the 07 WR electrics switched positive or switched earth? I have a feeling they might be switched earth which is why I am finding it difficult to figure out?

What model or part number is the flasher relay?

Any help and advice would be appreciated, even if someone in Australia could have a look at theirs and draw me up a rough diagram or take some photos.

Thanks in advance!



PM sent.

I have just scanned it for you. It came with my '08 manual as a separate sheet.

Email me (at the address in the PM) and I'll email a copy back to you.


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