02 yzf426 hot cams in a 05 wr450 will this work

Hi,Guys I own a Wr 450 2005. I have the chance to buy a 2002 yzf426 for cheap(bad crank):thumbsup:. It has hot cams in it i was wondering if these will work in the Wr also will the 19 inch rear wheel and suspension work. If you guys know of what all will interchange I would appriciate it. Thank you I would like to make the Wr more yzish

WR450F cams are better then hotcams from an old wr426!!!!

if you want more hit higher in the rpm then buy a 2003-2004-2005 yz450 exhaust cam!

the 426 cams in theory could work but i would not unless your 450 cams where missing or NFG for some reason. you can put an 2003-2006 wr450 EX cam in a WR426 to attain the auto decompresser. i have done this to a wr426 and an old wr250, it works well. BUT the cam chain and cam sprockets are not exactly the same. the only reason people did it is the old 426/250 could be a pan in the ass to start.

if you where crazy enough to put the 426 cams in any way you would be need to install a manual decompresser and then kick start only.............

the rear wheel will interchange. so should the front wheel , forks, brakes, etc. yamaha is very interchangeable. if its cheap just buy it for parts. just dont put the cams in :thumbsup:

Ok thank you. How are the new hotcams compared to the Yzf cam?

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