Hitch carrier

Anyone hauling a 650R on a hitch carrier ? Any problems ? Maybe I'd do better to tow the Explorer with the XR ? :)



I have a joe hauler unit that i use from time to time on my bronco. It works great. No complaints. The XR sort of moves around back there- which is un nerving at first-but thats the design. Its supposed to move about a little. Newer models have a place for a gas can that might be worth having. Ya must have a class 3 hitch for it to work safely.

I even carried my 450 lb BMW650 Dakar on the thing without any issues.

Some newer models have trailer lights on them- maybe thats necessary in some states? My buddy has the model with a hydraulic jack that attaches to the footpegs-suspending the bike in the air without supporting the wheels. Looks scary but even Baja roads havent been an issue for him with it. He drives an Explorer...

I read to figure 1/2 the(500#) tongue capacity that far from where the ball would be (=250#), but I figured the safetycrats probably had some "padding" in there. I'll have a little peace of mind now knowing a Dakar has been hitch-hauled.

Thanks for your time,


I also have a Joe Hauler that I use on the back of an Expedition. I was concerned about the swaying effect as the tongue is not extremely tight in the receiver. For improved support and to eliminate swaying I bought a hitch support which locks down on the receiver and tongue with bolts on all 4 sides. Another cheap way to go is a fold up 4'X 8'trailer from Harbor Freight and Tool for about $400 after you by the plywood to make the floor. Or you can do what I did, which was to buy another bike for the kid and then run out and by a truck to haul it all. :)

Check out the moto jack rack. Very solidly built and stable on the back of the truck. No problems handling my XR4. Also super easy to put on and take off.

T-Daddy Licious, I haven't seen you bust out that Joe Hauler since we first started riding together! :)

I have an AddaBike.com carrier. I like it because you don't have to use tie-downs. It has a bar that comes down over the seat. Also, it cost less than the Joe Hauler and the others, got it on e-bay for less than $250 w/optional lights.

I used the Moto Jack Rack to haul the XR650. The footpeg pins did not fit perfectly in the center like it did for my 525EXC. I think using aftermarket footpegs (wider) on the XR650 would work better with the Moto Jack. When the bike is jacked up, snug up all the nuts on the Moto Rack. It will really help decrease the inherent sway motion which is not a problem. Its more a personal comfort level...nervous thing seeing the bike move in your rear view mirror.

I would use the Moto Jack Rack anytime to haul the XR650. But a full size pick-up bed is still the best.

go to http://shop.thumpertalk.com and checkout the Sarge Carrier. It's all aluminum with a powder coated tongue and it comes with both a ramp and anti-sway hitch pin. You can read a review by going to www.thumpertalk.com and scrolling to the bottom on the page under product reviews...



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