Dented Rim Repair?

My sons bike has a root dent on one side of the rear rim. It bows out about 1/8 inch. Looking for repair suggestions, hammer, heat etc. Rim is is in good condition and runs true. Aluminum rim on a KDX. Thanks

me to, me to, somebody tell us?

Not repairable. Aluminum is really sensitive to being reshaped after damage. If you bend it back it will be really weak and possibly break while riding. :)

I don't know how badly it is bent but it is safest to use a press to push them out. I have also used a hammer against an anvle with no problems also.

Do a online searce for motorcycle rim repair and you will find there are lots of folks making a living repairing rims. The trick to repairing the rim is to use a similar force that it took to bend the rim to repair it. Protecting the hub and the opposite face of the rim, I put a piece of plywood down on the cement floor of my garage and use a large hammer with an oak 2x4 against the rim. With a little practice you will make it as good as new, (and just as strong).

Dutch, Thanks thats the answer I was hoping for.

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