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Newbe goes to the track for the first time

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Just wanted to again thank everyone for the advice on making the transition from 2-smoke to Thumpin.

This machine is unbelievable! To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. It took about two laps and my laps times were right up to speed. I still need to get used to the compression braking in on flat turns, but the bike just seemed to do all the work. It seems to me that you have to apply alot more effort to get the speed out of a 2-stroke. The 426 was right at home and right where it wanted to be. Another obvious difference was controlling the position of the bike in the air. I was clearing 45 and 60' table tops and the bike never got even close to being looped or endoed.

I read some other responses where guys were concerned about the way the bike would handle during jumps and whoops, all I can say is you can do anything you did on a 2-stroke and do it better on this bike. One guy actually said he sold his 426 and went back? He couldn't have been riding the type of motorcross tracks we have in Texas and not be anything less than impressed with the 426.

Great page guys and great folks here. Keep up the good work.

P.S. no problems with spark plugs at all (01 426F)

Little Dan

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