water pump seal gone already?

09 Wr 450, I would be lucky to have 10 to 12 hours on the bike. I bought it new but haven't had much time at all to ride over the season due to work. I did however make sure it was started and taken for a short ride from time to time up and down the street. Today when I started it as usual, after 2 or 3 minutes of running i noticed some antifreeze on the ground under it. I took the skid plate off and noticed it was leaking out of the weep hole from the water pump. I let it run a little longer, and it stopped. Now it has been cold out here, could it just be from things contracting because of the weather and then just warming up?


They all do it, especially when cold. As the bike warms up, the drip stops.

Replace the waterpump impellar shaft seals to cure it.

Good chance it's just the seal shrinkage from the cold. I've had it on various seals and orings and the leak disappears when it's warmer.

f you own your bike long enough though you will be replacing the seals/ waterpump shaft one day. One of the only weak oints with this engine...

My experience on a '06 will slowly get worse. Not time to panic but keep an eye on it. Irecall alot of info on this forum when Ihad my problem. Do a search.

I did a search, but just can't believe being so little run time that it would leak so soon!

Agree, mine had more time, but not alot of time.

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