bent front end (uncle peanuts)

i have had the front tire off from a puncture i hit a rock and i think i bent the front end the bars wont aline straight with the bike unless tilted to the left i checked the triple clamps and from there i need a guru maybe bent triple clamps?

Get the bike up on a stand (milk crate) just to get the weight off the front wheel.

Loosen the pinch bolts holding the fork tubes a bit, then stand in front of the bike and pinch the front wheel between your knees while you grab the bars and turn both ways until the front end straightens out.

Re-torque the pinch bolts to spec.

This usually fixes the prob'. Does it?

You shouldn't need to loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamps. What usually happens is the lower fork tubes twist a bit. Remove the tire, reinstall it (once you can get the axle back in) and before you tighten the pinch bolts on the axle take the bike off the stand, hold the front brake, and cycle the front suspension a few times. This should help to center the tire in the forks. Sometimes you need to smack the tire against a tree or the side of a building, but usually compressing the suspension a few times does the trick.

Geeezz, how big of a rock did you hit? After a certain point, they're called boulders. lol!!

It sounds like something moved in the clamps. How did you check them?

boulder rock i dissassembled for repair

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