First ride impressions......01 426f

Well today was the day, I broke out my brand new 426 for its first ride. I have never ridden a four stroke before and after much prompting from my friends I sold the 01 cr250 and picked the 426 up last week. Before I rode it I had the suspension valved and heavier springs installed ( i weigh 235), I also bought applied works clamps and pro-tapers. Ready to go.

First few laps were touch and go...the bike has tremendous power and I carried the front wheel in a lot of the straights. Turning takes some getting used to since I am used to the cut and thrust style with the CR, I am trying to learn to flow more and not abuse the clutch. Jumping has me scratching my head. I am not confident like on the CR. I used to like to charge a jump and let off the throttle and slam the jump face to get the clear. Obviously this wont work on the 426 without a trip to the hospital. The throttle on jump technique takes a little getting used to.

I guess that I am not sure what to think yet. I will continue to ride this bike and try to get used to the style, but if no substantial progress is nade in the coming month I may consider going back to the two smoke. Any tips for transitioning to the 426???

Also does anyone in here use the DSP Ti system??? Is it as good as the price would imply?? Does anyone have any parts for sale??

first of all...before you go spending tons of money on a DSP pipe, get used to the bike first!

The 426 loves to be chugged around the turns (2nd and 3rd gear) depending on the track. It doesnt like to be short shifted, and doesnt like clutch abuse! I like to just leave my bike in 3rd (so i dont have to worry about shifting and can concentrate on the track and others!)

Just take some time to get used to the bike, because once you master it, you will be far faster on the YZ426 than on your CR250! Just watch the look on your friends faces when you blow past them and throw huge chunks of dirt all over their 2 smokes (I love doing that LOL)! Later,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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Check out the subject "newbe" I posted about a week ago. I was in the same spot you are now. There was alot of good advice posted for me, I took mine out yesterday for the first time and really enjoyed it. I had the same problems in the turns, but I just rode real agressive on the jumps like I did on my 2-stroke before, but stayed on the throttle. It dosen't have to be wide open, but just enough to keep off the compression braking. This will make the bike feel more like the 2-stroke you rode for so many years. I also really ejoyed the power difference and after I got used to the bike, I could acually ride smoother and with less fatiuge than on my 2-stroke.

Build up some confidence and I'm sure you'll really like this bike.


When you're racing, you're living. Everything else is just waiting.

I was where you are about 2 months ago and still feel I am adjusting to the 426, I came off of a 00yz250 which I liked. Remember to keep the throttle on, and no throttle chopping,until you leave the jump. A good habit to get into is to tell yourself to keep the throttle on or you go over the handlebars. My first ride was indoors and I approached a 40 plus foot double, I made it but I let off the gas at the last minute and landed front wheel first, rolled about 20-30 feet, thought I was going over, soiled my shorts, screamed real loud, came to a stop and collected my thoughts. Thats how I learned. Also, get out of the habit of rapid throttle opening, learn to "roll the throttle on". After about 10-12 hours of riding the 426 I thought of going back to the 250-2. I like the 4stroke power and predictability and decided to stay with the 426 learnig curve, you should too, I think the more you ride it the more you will like it. Thats what I've found thus far and continue to find more, I'm learning too! Take care and GOD bless.

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