*** Utah riders, Hobble Creek Saturday 8:00am ***

Our last ride at Stansbury was a great success.

Now we're planning a ride this Saturday at Hobble Creek. Post here if you're coming... here are the directions and ride details:

Take the UT-77 exit, exit number 263 off I-15 towards MAPLETON/SPRINGVILLE

Turn LEFT onto W 400 S/ W 3900 S/ UT-77

Turn RIGHT onto S 400 E

Turn LEFT onto E 800 S (E 800 S becomes E 900 S)

Turn RIGHT onto S 1200 E


Don't turn into Hobble Creek Golf Course go past it and stay to the right when the road forks

You are looking for Kirkman Hollow (meet you there)

Ride details

1. 8:00am riders meet and leave Kirkman Hollow

2. We will leave going Southeast up to the top of the ridge

3. We will follow the ridge about 1/2 mile and then go down Packard Trail

4. Packard Trail goes down and parrallels Hobble Creek Road

5. We will follow it and then go down Chase Creek

6. And continue on to the West Portal of the Strawberry Tunnel

7. West over the Fifth Water Ridge to the Pack Trail

8. South on the Pack Trail to Second Water (great single track here)

9. Second Water to Cottonwood Canyon

10. To Three Forks and Sheep Creek Road

11. Bail out up road to Kirkman Hollow -or-

12. continue up Sawmill Hollow to Pumpkinhouse Ridge

13. Along the ridge and down to Kirkman Hollow Trail

Should be a great ride, guessing around 40-50 miles :). See ya there.


How technical is the ride? I may bring the boy along and some of his friends.

Bill - this is the ride the UTMA did earlier in the year. They listed it as "Intermediate". I think if they're comfortable riding in the woods they'll be fine.

Roll Call..... :)

Who is planning on attending? :D

If I can walk by then I may be there. :D:):D


Steve and I will be there...

I know there's more Utah TT riders out there, come join the fun :)

Doug -

How is your leg? Did you get the smell out of your helmet :)? Hope you can make it.

Anybody else coming post here... for those who are coming, I'll have my cell phone tomorrow morning. Call me at 801-836-5246 if you have trouble finding us. See you there.


BTW thanks for the indictment on the Dumb Crashes thread. I had to defend myself after I saw that :). As for the smell it's still there. My leg is slowly getting better. I think I actually sprained my ankle pretty good. The swelling hasn't gone down yet and there is virtually no lateral movement. I'll live though. I had to miss my hockey game this week because I couldn't get it into my skate. I haven't missed one of those for years. The funny thing is I haven't had this many cuts, dings, & bruises in the last 8 years of riding combined (8 years ago is when sanity kicked in). And this was just one ride. Hopefully I'll be back in form next time.


P.S.--I won't be able to make Hobble Creek tomorrow. Another family reunion that I had forgotten about.

Bill - are you coming??? So far its Steve and I and maybe Brandon (DRZ forum).

For those who don't know where they are going... here's a street map. Just get off I-15 on E 400 S turn onto S Canyon Drive and continue to Hobble Creek Drive.. and so on...


See ya.

Yes Eric :)

I'll be there at 8:30am with two other riders. :D

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