What are the better years for the YZ426

Im looking to pick one up for a spare bike.

And was just wondering if some years are more desireable than others.



There really isn't a "better" year. At this point, all the bikes are getting up there in years so finding one that has had proper care from the previous owners will be the biggest factor.

01 and 02 had some of the bugs worked out with the clutch, primary drive gear being splined rather than the keystock that wears overtime and makes a horrible noise. They also went to Ti valves and did some adjustments with the jetting I believe. But I agree with the post above they are starting to collect their years. Just choose wisely

Ya can't have mine! I love it!

2002. Great bike.


Theoretically, '02 would be 'the best' as it would have seen all improvements and upgrades ever made to the first gen bikes. That aside, you really can't go wrong with any of them at this point.

As already stated...

'01 and '02 are practically identically and are the best of the 3 years

'00 had a couple things that can be fixed -

woodruff key can become worn, needs BK mod to carb (do a search), and I think there was a reason to move to the '01-up clutch actuator components

I picked up an 01 2 years ago for $1,100 in excellent cond. I have ridden the snot out of it and so far it has been an awesome bike. I made sure I bought it off an older guy that used it for cruising around and all records. Just feel the guy out. Also when I walked up I touched the engine and it was ice cold and the bike started 2nd kick. Always a good sign, especially on a 426.

Good Luck

The 02 was my very first big bore mx thumper. Sold it to a friend who is still going strong on it. And it was also on the 02 that I did my first third gear loop over in front of everyone. Talk about a midrange hit!

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