False Neutrals.....Bang

Hi guys,

Raced my '01 426 today and had a few problems with not engaging gears just like hitting neutral but between 2nd + 3rd.

I will be dumping the engine oil this week and will check it thoroughly for signs of deterioration and pieces of gears etc.

The oil isn't that old,it has about 4hrs on it and it's Yamalube so I dont think it could be that? I checked my shifter,it's fine and the clutch adjustment is correct.

Have any of you had this problem yet?

It may just be my riding habits,because I was stalled it twice as well?

(first year on thumpers)


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That's exactly how my 00's 426 started...

Then it broke the gear box a few days after...

Watch your warranty, man! Don't let the 6 months go by...


Portugal - Europe

the same thing happened on my '99 r1, i blew 2nd thru 6th gears. it was from me not using the clutch for upshifts, ever, a real mess -- needed 2400.00 worth of wk, but luckily yamaha warrantied it. i learned you can not shift a 4 stroke like a two stroke(yamaha, anyway) due to the increased torque on the gears and clutch. when i got my new tranny, i had it undercut by fast by gast in new york, which makes the notchy yamy tranny shift like butter-- no problems since

I noticed this on my 00 426, never had a problem with my 98 400.

I would get neutral between 1st and 2nd out of tight corners, I think the 00 has a taller first gear.

I solved it by adding 2 teeth to the rear sprocket, now I don't use 1st gear at all.

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