wr400 wheels fit 2003 wr450?

Theres a guy locally parting out a wr400. I would like to buy the wheels so my motard modified wr450 can be a dirt bike again. Just wondering if the 400 wheels will be a direct fit on a 2003 wr450f.


Yeah I searched. Lots of conflicting info on this one. Some say all wheels from wr models 98 and up will fit,, with appropriate spacers. Some say 98-01 are compatible to each other,, but 03 needs something from 02 up to fit? Some say look at the id number on the hub? WR250 wheels compatible but narrower rims?

SOO, just going to shop for correct year wr450 wheels and avoid any confusion.

have him give you the spacers with the wheels

FYI the rear is interchangable but if your mounting a 03 or later wheel to an 02 or earlier bike the disc is about 1/8 inch larger on the newer bikes and is too tight in the caliper .(hope that makes sence)The front wheels hubs changed when they went from the 46mm fork to the 48mm fork.(I tried wr450 05 wheels in my wr400 00 and these were the results )Spacers wont make the difference on the front wheel

What about the wr400 front wheel, to a 2003 wr450? If the rear wheel is a go, then thats good. Im pretty sure the 2003 wr450 has 46mm forks. Thanks!

2003 wr450 has 48mm forks.................i think!

Crossing my fingers. I found a 2003 yz450 parts bike locally. The owner has agreed to sell me the wheels for a great price! Only hitch is one bolt on front end is being a real pain! I anxiously await a phone call to go pick up the wheels,, mounted with good moto cross tires, discs, and sprocket! Spacers too!

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