Going for a hot cam in my 426 - input please

I have decided to do the hot cam exhaust cam in my '01 426. For those that have done this I could use some info;

- Any luck buying from an eBay seller? if so which one. Seems I could save 50 bucks through eBay

- Did you need the shim kit?

I guess eventually I'll need the shim kit, but at 80 bucks I'd rather save the money right now if I don't need it. I only have a few hours on a new top end, unfortunately the previous owner didn't do the cam when they had it open.


I see that both AJC and APEX are selling hot cams on e-bay. I bought the hot cams for my son's 250 from AJC, and have bought other stuff from Apex. Both are first rate, with product as described and quick shipping. I think AJC does a bit better job of providing shipping info and such, but you won't go wrong with either.

As far as a shim kit, I wouldn't do it. You will probably have to shim, but you would use at the most 5 shims from the kit. Find out what you need, and buy individual shims from your local dealer or parts house. Many service departments will even swap what you have for what you need if you are a "regular customer..."

Good to hear from someone that has done this already - thanks for the info :excuseme:

Hey thanks for the input on APEX. Ordered my cam and it arrived today! Looking forward to tearing into the 426 :excuseme:

How much did you save going through ebay?

I bought a Hotcams shim kit 4 years ago, and it's more than paid for itself in convenience alone. Ya, it's $80 but are you ever going to be doing head work again ? Installing new valves/cams etc. ? They are very handy to have.

I also put a stage II hotcam in my '05 CRF 450 (bike that I had before my YZ), I had read some guys who said they had "so much more power" with the Hotcam. Which wasn't entirely true, I knew before I put the cam in.. but what it does is it takes a little power from one range and puts it in another. With my Honda, I lost a little bottom end but gained more on top.

Honda guys get the most value out of the shim kit it seems... :excuseme:

Honda guys get the most value out of the shim kit it seems... :excuseme:

No lie there:busted:

How much did you save going through eBbay?

Got the exhaust cam for $138 which included shipping etc. That's about 50 bucks cheaper than anyplace else I found.

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