Just got a KLX 140L, need more power. What needed?

Just got a KLX 140L. Will be using it for trail riding. Just want to made a little bit more power to it. What would you suggest? what carb kit to get? Can i just replace the jettings? or better to replace the carb? what brand pipe? Where to buy online? From what i've read the pipes are only slip ons. you need to purchase the header seperately? Would it be worth it to replace the header too?

Just found out that BBR also make a full exhaust for the bike. What can you say about the BBR pipe? Expensive? http://bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.aspx

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I have the Two Brothers full exhaust system, running 40 & 100 jets, full KX suspension (front and rear) opened up the airbox (drill a series of holes on the side) pull off the snorkel and remove the screen. remove the air screw and slot for adjustment (cuz the bike will run lean once you do the pipe and airbox mod)

This made some decent power, as the bike breathes a lot better.

I really want to do the ENGINES ONLY 160 big bore, cam and port and polish and carb mods!!!! Cant afford it right now..

oopps I failed to mention that BBR, pro circuit, Two Brothers are the exhaust companies that make full exhaust systems that i know of. but FMF i think only makes a slip on.

What do you mean by "remove the air screw and slot for adjustment"? If you have a pic it would really help alot. Im not that familiar with carb. Thanks.

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