Selling or maybe for trade wr seat and tank


I am selling 2000 wr seat and tank. Looking for about 250/obo ( i am not sure how much they are worht). They are in great condition.(can take pics) Will maybe trade for yzf tank and seat. thanks


I am 5'8 155 on a 426.

I am nuts!

Livermore Ca

Good luck. I have a WR tank and seat that have 0 miles on them, showroom new. As far as I can tell, they are worthless, except for putting them back on the bike to sell it. Only a fool is going to trade his YZ seat and tank for your bowling-ball-between-the-legs tank. Will entertain offers for mine from any fools out there in need of more range that dont care about ergos.


$5 is my final offer. I will pay shipping. I have a YZ426 in need of more range occasionally...


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