'10 YZ fouled plugs?

i wouldnt worry about it too much... MAKE SURE you warm it up real good its like 20 degrees here in NJ and i have fouled alot of plugs in the cold because i didnt warm the bike up fully... make sure your coolant hoses and radiators are warmed up nice and hot then the bike should be fine same thing happened to my 02 cr 125 just gotta warm her up good

Just a little update. Bike has been starting and running ok. I've been going out to shop and warming it up every night. Last Wednesday I started it at lunch. Ran alright for a few moments then started running erratic acting like it wanted to die. Had to re-start it a few times until it finally crapped out and fouled the plug.

Put a new plug in and ran great. Actually went and rode some arenacross and ran great all 6 moto's that night. Two days later went out to the shop and same scenario. Started it, while letting it run at a fast idle to warm up it will start to run erratic and then eventually crap out. Seems if I blip the throttle it cleans out momentarily but eventually fouled another plug.

Short of taking it to a dealer to diagnose not sure what to do. It sure it nice to jump on my KTM 250xc sitting right next to it and hit the start button and have the bike start right up after not running for 6 months........

when my yz450f did the back fire no start it was the valves were out of adjustment. reshimmed and it has started third kick ever since.

I have never had a 4 stroke plug foul on me.

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