WR450 All White Plastics

now thats what i want to do...i challange Acerbis, polisport and ufo to make replacement plastic to match that....and provide a website that shows their product, i hate seeing a picture of acerbis's box because they dont know how to take pictures or UFO's US website that shows nothing and screw polisport...they cant even make plastic for older bikes...

maybe i'll just create a company and style fenders that are nice and bolt up to anything out there...

gsa102, there is a yellow set for you, its called the yamaha classic color, which is yellow...

Have a link?

Took a while, but I found it. I like the yellow wr on this page


tonyw was able to put an 06-09 YZ450f fender on his 07+ WR


But he had to use a spacer for the bolts and I'm guessing he moved the CDI into the airbox...


I think if I was to go "yellow" it have to be something like this (drz=fun's bike)

He basically did black rear fender by UFO and then a yellow yz front fender with graphics to fill in the rest...


tail piece from polisport.... rest is cycra and polisport...




thanks guys, i have a few tricks up my sleeve with regards to replacing my 2006 triple clamps to 2008...i will be able to use all modern plastic/headlites up front...

as far as radiator shrouds i think im stuck with the originals...acerbis or UFO makes black or blue i believe...

i ordered a black gas tank from IMS...a nice change from the 2006 stock blue...

the rear fender is my last hurdle...i like the look of the 2007 wr, i should just buy one and see if it fits, or do you guys think i can just buy the LED assembly and bolt it to a YZ plastic? i would rather buy it as one nice clean piece...

i will post ppictures when i get the pieces together and bolted on...the last piece will be to paint the moly frame black....

I believe the headlight shroud for the 2007-2010 bikes are the same.  I searched every nook and cranny of the internet and the only option I found for white was the Australian one which I couldn't purchase in the USA.  Tried the spray paint method with my OEM shroud. Two different kinds of paint and many many coats it looked dull compared to the other white plastics, my searched continued.  I found this one while visiting China last week and it's an exact copy and perfect match.



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I thought real hard about turning my blue 06 WR into a black/white machine.

Then I came to the conclusion, she's not a show piece, she's a play toy and blue does the job just fine :-)

Nice. Any hints as to where you found it?


I found this one while visiting China last week and it's an exact copy and perfect match.

I also painted mine white. Took it apart. cleaned and prepped it. Then put a few coats of white paint on it. Came out well and, after a few years, has one or two small scratches on it where you see blue. But nothing bad or that could not get easily cleaned up. 

Yep, painting works well. Use wax and grease remover (any auto parts store has it) to prep the surface, and then give it several light coats. I'm about to do new plastics and graphics and going with a black headlight piece this time using Valspar plastic paint from Lowe's. The white has held up really well for almost two years now.

Definitely beats having to learn Chinese and getting a Chinese bank account.

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