Distance w/yz tank

I've got an 02 wr426, and am wanting to put the yz tank and seat on it. My only concern is how long I will be able to ride before running out. Do mainly trail riding. From what I've read all I need to do is get a yz4xx tank and seat, correct? Or do I need the radiator shrouds as well. I have already gotten rid of the lights and such on my wr, has yz fenders. I want to switch to be able to get farther forward on the bike, but at the same time don't want to be running out of gas on the trails either. :excuseme:

It's easy to figure that one out on yourself...

Current mileage x volume new tank / volume old tank = new mileage

Rider weight, terrain (hilly?) and conditions (mud, hardpack?) all add up to mileage from a tank. And if you bury that throttle like a time capsule....

Just get an oversized YZ Tank.

I picked up an IMS for a few bucks, I think it is listed at 3.2 gallons. I get 3 in there exactly.

My WR (jetted with an FMF) got about 30 / 35 MPG. With a standard tank (3.2) I get about 100 miles per tank.

Look at my garage for pics of it.

Here is a Clark on Ebay for a couple hundred.


(shown in Reflex Blue)

Oversize Plastic Gas Tank Fuel Petrol Cell Reservoir

Clarke Part Number 11388

Yamaha YZ 426F 2000-2002

Capacity: 3.3 Gallons 12.5 Liters

Includes New Clarke Black Plastic Gas Cap

Uses the Original OEM Stock Fuel Tap Petcock, Radiator Shrouds Scoops, Mounts and Seat

TYPICAL COLORS: Natural, White, Black, Yellow, Reflex Blue

This tank can be molded in other colors but non-typical colors are not returnable.

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