Flakes on the oil filter Revisited

How many of you have seen some trace of flakes of metal, clutch, etc. on the oil filter during the oil change? Has anyone not seen flakes? Is anyone really sure where they are coming from and if it represents a problem?

How old is your bike? This is actually normal for the first oil change and to a lesser extent the second oil change. Most of us have experienced this. There are some machinings still in there as it leaves the factory even after they clean and assemble it. Also, the parts need to wear and mate during break-in causing additional metal dust. I can say that I haven't seen any metal since my second oil change though. If your bike is other than brand new it would be a cause for concern. Let us know then we can try to address the issues if any.


It is a 01 with maybe 1000+/- miles. The flakes are there at every oil change. Most are small black or silver flakes. Most appear not to be metallic; magnet will not pick them up, however last night one looked like a small piece of thread from a bolt. I know this has been posted before and it seemed many guys had these flakes and a few had never or almost never seen them.

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