selling my 426 someone stop me

Probably going to sell my trusty old stead Thursday unless someone slaps some sense into me:smirk: Since I bought my 250xc I just hardly ever ride it any more (hell i don't even have time to ride the 250). Rode it the other day out in my field and remembered how I loved the motor but good lord the suspension beat me to death:busted:

I will say this though over the 4+ years I've owned it the bike has been a dream to work on and never once failed me and I would gladly do the whole 426 'experience' over again.

Also a lot of thanks to Gray with a ton of questions asked by me over the years. He almost always had an answer:worthy:. (regardless of how stupid my questions may have been)

I do have 1 question though how many of you regret selling your 426?

Sell it ASAP. You will be glad you did.


Never mind that.

Can I just recommend to anyone who's not had one, to buy it off you!

I love my 426. I really want to go with a plated dualsport but there is no way I will give up my beast.:excuseme:

I wouldn't sell mine. I actually sold my custom drum set I made because it just sat out in the garage and my neighbors decided to complain one day after 8 years of playing during daytime hours and for and maybe for only an hour max at a time. So it just sat. I sold it and ended up profiting on it because I built it myself and got a nice chunk of green for it :excuseme:. Enough to do a straight across buy for a YZ 250 which is what my next bike most likely will be. And I don't have to give my 426 up. They're not worth anything anyways. But if you really need the extra space in your garage then do what you need to do. I like walking out into my garage and seeing an 11 year old piece of technology that I can still ride faster than alot of people on the track on their brand new bikes.

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