Possible new to me 450

I currently ride an 01 Gasgas 300 and it is not bad. It does sign early and suspension is dated. From best I can tell the 450 is going to be a smidge lighter and cheaper to work on even considering it is a 4 stroke.

My basic question is how hard is this thing going to be to start when I dump it while riding in the woods? The GasGas for all its flaws does start fairly reliably.

Beyond that I think the 450 will make a great woods bike. My plan is to cut the bars down, put bark busters on, FWW...as big as I can get. I MAY get a lexx silencer but that is not for certain. I will get a kickstand though.

Once you get the routine down it's pretty easy. First or second kick. Usually second.

Hot start? What is your routine? How much harder than the 250 is it to kick?

Typically, I'll lock my rear brake up slowing for a corner on an mx track when I kill my bike. I usually just get by with kicking the thing like I would my daughter's CRF100, only with a little more authority, and it does help to be in neutral, to avoid clutch drag.... I did get hit by another rider back in Sept. while at the mx track, which made my 450 about as hard to restart as I've ever had it be: it took about 5 kicks, plus one more kick after I remembered to use the hot start..... :excuseme: I don't really have much of a "routine" for a hot restart, other than to try to get the piston to *just past* TDC after the compression stroke, then kick with a good firm boot. If it's really warm, it needs the hot start lever......

I recall riding a friend's borrowed YZ250F once at the local mx track, and it was much harder to restart after I locked up the rear brake, killing the goofy thing...... :busted:



Just a little nervous since the 2 strokes have been so good to me and the GasGas has all the lugging ability in the world. Just being a 2001 parts are getting harder=more expensive. Thought if I sell now while in GREAT shape this would be the time to make the 450 move.

The 450 is ~2600 and in nice shape.

I really want an E start KTM 300...but they are just crazy expensive.

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