atv's ruts

I have noticed in the last 4 months the places I go riding are being destroid by atv they are cutting ruts every were what do you think about atv's

Oh boy here we go again. Personaly I do not like them.

Hey be nice. Once you show them how easy it is to smoke an atv on a bike they may want to learn to ride for real.

Call them coffin nails around here. That would be the coffin for offroad riding on public lands as we know it.......Tee it up!!

I have a friend that likes to call them lawn tractors. :)

Put a 26" deck on em' and go racin

Why bash ATV riders, they are off-roaders just like you... We have to stick together to keep our riding areas open, after all we all enjoy the same trails, riding area's, etc, it's better than a tree hugging non-rider who wants to close a riding area down.. Quads create two lines when they travel, why not just travel in the middle of thier line? I have talked to many quad owners, and if you've been to croom in Florida most of the trails are whooped out because of motorcycles, not ATV's. I don't hear the ATV rider's whining, they just deal with it. We all need to get along or riding area's in general will suffer, being against each other does no good in my opinion.

Just my .02

I am going to crooms this weekend and was there just a couple of weekends ago and it wasnt whooped out that bad. Ever since they fenced off the roads so the quad guys cant just blast up and down them and do donuts there arnt that many of them anymore.

I am going to crooms this weekend...

Hey Jetster... I'm get'n another YFZ450 (quad) can I bring both of mine and a friend and ride with you?


Yeah sure but want that be a long drive for ya.

what do you think about atv's

I think it's more the folks that ride them than the vehicle itself. They're easyer to ride and get "funky" on hence their popularity. I can't believe the number of people who think that safety gear on a quad is a tank top and backwards hat. Saw a mom and dad the other day that had every piece of gear on the kids (on the back) but they (mom and dad) were wearing nothing but sunglasses - go figure.

I just purchased a YFZ450 for my wife and I'm getting another one for me. I also have a CRF450R that I'm not giving up. It (the quad) is different than a bike (2-wheeler) and you have a different kind of fun - sliding around, etc. I have seen some talented quad riders out there and you've got to give 'em credit for their skill. I'm somewhat nervous about taking my quad to the air in the same way I do my bike.

The quad crowd is constantly talking about drag racing any thing that moves, while us 2-wheelers don't.

I plan on letting friends/neighbors use my YFZ when we go places like the sand not to mention my wife using hers in the sand - I wouldn't want her on 2 wheels there.

Anyway, as far as the quad destroying things - I know what you mean. I just try to deal with what I'm given. :)

Figured I'd better stand up for the quads since I own 'em now.


I was at Croom yesterday and the trails were really nice. I guess all the rain has smoothed out some of the whoops. some of the trails were just like riding in a creek bed, very smooth. The best I've seen in two years. Those road riding donut spinners are something to behold, their riding talent is just like a pit racer(very little). We have a quad that my wife uses for trail riding ang getting around at the races. They are a lot of fun. To bad a few people on bikes and quads both, hurt our sport every time they ride.

Yeah sure but want that be a long drive for ya.

Yes, but I am a native Floridian - won't mind going home. I only work in Utah cause that's where my job is. Given the same opportunity in FL, I'd be back in a heart beat.

Where's Auburndale? I'm from Merritt Island.


I live about 20mins from Lakeland and about 20min from WinterHaven, so I guess you could say Auburndale is right in between Lakeland and WinterHaven. But yeah shifter if your ever down here give me a PM or something and we can go ridin :).

I have noticed in the last 4 months the places I go riding are being destroid by atv they are cutting ruts every were me and a frend made a trail last winter and it is destroid already my friend and i were pissed what do you think about atv's

OK, here is the deal. Us 2 wheelers make deep ruts in the middle of the trail too and I'm sure they gripe about it. Personally, I own several quads and lots of 2 wheelers. my quad is a utility and I just lumber around and dont tear up anything. But this "division" stuff has got to stop! We need to hang together, there is strength in numbers, we all have a common goal, to use our state/federal lands. We need to even bring the PWC, snowmobiles, hunters, fishermen into the mix too. The anti's love to see division, in fact, they may even try to instigate it. Once we are at each others throats, we'll technically be eating our own. I ran into some mountainbikers who let me borrow one of their small compressors to inflate my quad tire after I plugged it, they saw a trailer go by with horses in it and one popped off how those darn horses and thei rhoofs really chew up the trails. I proceeded to tell him you'll be gone from here long before those horses. And how we need to stcik together. And told him about the "divide and conquer" method the left uses. Imagine how weak the gun owners and the lobby groups would be if they were divided up into the "pistol, long guns, military types" and then turn all them folk on each other? The BRC and other lobby groups need all of our support and we all need to stick together. I bet you go to the ATV groups and you'll see how they hate our deep ruts we make in the middle of the trail.

I have to agree with 125Shifter and t_m_t

If we ALL don't stick together their won't be anything left for either of us to ride on. Just like any sport, hobby, job, etc there are the bad and the good. Hopefully most will belong to the good side.

I don't mean to be hard on you the426master, but maybe you should take your handle seriously and become a master at hitting them ruts. What do you expect a perfectly groomed OHV? Talk about your boring trails. Personally, I like some of the berms quads make. I also find that in the winter time quads will actually break through the snow covered trails enough for me to pass through what normally would have me stuck.

I don't particularly like following them when its dusty but I don't like following anyone when its dusty.

Lets all stick together and quit whining


As far as I'm concerned ATVs are the enemy. Mostly fat people ride them and I always end up coming up behind one on a dusty trail - they're usually too stupid to pull over and can't figure out that if a bike is behind them it is faster than they are. You don't dare try to pass on a narrow trail because they don't have enough skill to hold a line. Dust,dust, dust, fat butts, dust, more fat butts - what's to like or respect about that? When 3-wheelers were the fat-butt fad, they use to crash everywhere. I would stop and help them - then one day I gave up and just passed them by - cold? cruel? nope, I just got sick of lifting up fat-butted people and ATV's instead of riding. ATV's do suck.

The anti's love to see division, in fact, they may even try to instigate it.

Mabye the426master is a eco-nazi! Hmmm :)

I have to agree. The enviromentalists (which in reality is a oxymoron, they are anything but enviromently friendly) would love to see nothing more than for us to be bashing one another in trying to decide who does the most trail damage.

They might even be watching right now!

Im not a big ATV fan, nor will I probably ever own one, but I am not going to say they dont have as much right to that trail as I do.

What we need to do is when we see ATvist tearing things up, riding stupid or whatever we need to stop them and talk to them about to try and get them aware of what is going on. Maybe we can start to turn them around. Once we are all together nothing will be able to stop us :).

Besides riding dirt bikes, I'm also a surfer and have been most of my life. This "quad vs. bike" thing reminds me of how most surfers view boogieboarders. Boogieboarding takes less than a quarter of the skill required to stand up and ride a wave on a surfboard. And the boogieboarders have an unfair advantage when it comes to catching a wave. They use swim fins to propel themselves into the wave. Us surfers have only our arms to paddle with. So they will often line up on the same wave and take off before the surfer can. They are slower on the water than most surfboards so (much like quads)they seem to always be getting in the way.

But what we (me too) sometimes forget is that they are out there enjoying the same things that we are. Just in a different way.

Surfers and boogieboarders both enjoy the beauty and wonder of the ocean. And dirt bikers and quad riders both enjoy the experience of riding in the great outdoors.

The way I see it is:

Right now I am in decent shape and am capable of surfing and riding dirt bikes. But if I ever get too injured to ride or surf or just get too old, I will still want to experience both worlds. Therefore I would probably ride a quad or ride a boogieboard. To me, its less important what you ride, as long as you ride :)

We need all the support of all types of OHV vehicles to keep our riding areas open. Without ATV's and their boom in the last decade we would have more riding areas closed. We need to ban together with them and snowmobiles as one united effort to keep access to public lands. :)

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