atv's ruts

I can not believe how arragant some of you bike riders are!!!!

Do you honestly believe that your single line riding doesnt rut up the trails???

Do you honestly beleive you have more right to be using the trails than us??

I pay the same registration fee's as anybody else does, and Im going to ride on the trails I just paid to use.

What a bunch of whinny little babies you are!! You have one of the best handling machines going, and your crying about the trail being rough!

If you want a smooth ride, sell your MX bike, and buy a GoldWing, and stay on the paved roads with the old ladies and thier towncars, let the real men ride in the dirt!

As for you people saying it doesnt take any talent to ride an atv, you are a very stupid and closed minded person!!!!

It takes alot of skill, and talent to huck an atv down a tight trail at high speeds, in alot of ways more so than it does on a bike. You only need to pick out one line, where as we have to pick out three, thats right, three. One for the left side wheels, one for the right side wheels, and one for the rear sprocket and brake disc.

Im not saying it takes more skill or talent to ride an atv or a bike, they are both demanding, both in different ways, and for anybody to say differently is just being a pig headed moron, PERIOD!!!

Now, why dont you take off your panties, put on your riding gear and go ride!!!

Dont forget to dry your tears first, the dust will stick to them!!


Your a little tough on the bike riders for a newbie with just one post. I didn't count but it appeared to me that there were only 2 or 3 out of 20 something that dogged the quad crowd.

Personally I like the 4 wheel riders. Here in SE Texas they've bushwhacked countless miles of trails through creek and riverbottom woods that I and my friends would have never even attempted to. They've always been friendly on the trail, most will pull to the side when we come up on them rapidly, and typically wave at us when we go by. I've never been turned down when I asked one of them for something to drink out of their cooler. I've actually enjoyed a couple of cold beers with a few I've made friends with out on the trails. I must give the younger quad riders credit for their courageousness. When one tells another "hold my beer and watch this", your in for a breathtaking stunt or an equally spectacular getoff. When it comes to talent, the quad racers at our local track are unparalleled. They're only allowed to ride the SX track on race day and the better ones will clear the bigger jumps. I know for a fact that theres no way I'd even begin to attempt what they do on the track without years of practice.

Although the trail riding quads are usually without gear, the racers are just as well protected as any of the MX crowd.

As far as I'm concerned ATVs are the enemy...

Well, there is a big part of the problem right there. Seirra club would love to see this stuff. They already have you on their side, think about it, you hate ATV's as much as they do. It doesnt matter if the rider is fat either, weight has zilch to do with it. Ever occur they arent pulling over till they find a space in the trail to allow it? I also ride a large quad and I'm not going over the side to let any 2 wheeler past me, but as soon as I get the room, I let them by. :)


I dont think the fact that, that was my first post really has anything to do with it. Ive been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now, since I got my new YFZ450, for jetting help, and came across this thread. I get very offensive with a subject like this, because it happens all the time, and it isnt needed. It was this thread that made me finally regisiter and make a post. Maybe I was alittle harsh, but I was only replying to a couple of people, not ALL bikers.

I started in this sport (almost 25 years ago) on a bike myself, I had a 82 CR125, ran that up until I bought a new 91 YZ250, ran that up until I bought my 99 Banshee, and now the YFZ450 (Ive also owned countless other basket cases throughout the years). I eventually sold both my bikes, as I started to enjoy riding the quads better than the bikes, but I wont forget where I started from!!!!!, and because of that, when it was time to get my kids started in the sport, I bought them bikes, a 99 Z50R, and a 01 XR80R.

I, as you have stated, have had as a whole, very good experiences with bikers out on the trails. I have meet alot of good people through this sport, but that doesnt mean that I should ignore the ones that need alittle straighten out!!!

This sport will not beniefet from the "two sides" fighting!!!

I ride quads and bikes. Lots of dipshots on quads because you can ride one boozed up. Try doing that on a bike and you will get introduced to Mister Pain. Anyone with a brain knows they are easy to ride. Thats why quads use thumb throttles, half the people that buy them are to stupid to figure out a twist throttle.

I think they have their place and I have fun on my quad. They are a ball in the snow.

Is every quad rider an A-hole? Probably not.

Am I an A-hole? Many people say yes but that is true whether I'm on a quad or not. :):applause::D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D;):usa: :usa: :applause:


I didn't mean to offend you. This forum, and many others I'm sure, have had a troll problem. Anytime I see a first time poster I almost immediately assume TROLL. I reread your original post and I guess the first time I didn't absorb it. My wife calls it the "I'm talking at you, not to you mentality" that I sometimes get. It was a well written reply to this topic. Let me take the opportunity to tell you I'm sorry and welcome you to TT membership. You'll find this site to be a great place to learn little tricks for tuning and maintaining your new toy.

I believe that Toyota tech is right, the anti-offroading crowd would love to pit the different trailriders against each other. They know there's strength in numbers and by keeping us segregated we'll never have the power to voice ourselves through the proper channels.

I've never owned a quad but I did have a great time riding a buddies Raptor one afternoon recently. If I were to buy one it would definitely be the YFZ450. I can't wait to see one at the track.

I think it would be nice if TT started a 4 stroke quad forum. It is, after all, straight talk about 4 strokes. I don't ever remember anything about it being a motorcycle only forum. I'm sure there are other quad riders coming here for insight besides yourself. I think this could help bring in more members and perhaps even knock off a little of the tension that may come across on the motorcycle -vs- quad situation.

I've always been a avid offroader. I can have as much fun trailriding on horseback as I can on a mountainbike or a motorcycle.

Welcome to the club and have fun with your new toy.

See ya, Kelly


Your not an A-hole.

I think your one of the funniest guys in this site. :).

You never fail to make me laugh when I read your posts.

There are guys posts who I always look forward to reading as soon as I see their sig and your one of them.

Next time I'm in Jersey I'll look you up.

I guess its to bad I've never been there or have any plans to visit anytime soon. I have heard from some folks I've done work for that south Jersey is bitchin, right to the point when they moved to Texas. It must suck when your boss tells you you've been transferred, and whether you like it or not, you move or lose your job.

Later, Kelly

What the heck I'll just say what everyone else is thinking........ NHIJKYWXYZ450 you can take your atv and your second post and piss off!

And for you unification folks we don't need 90% of the atv crowd.....not that it would ever cross there mind that there is a sport to protect and promote.Yes there are some good folks on atv's just as there are some dirtbikers that need to be hung. But guess what atv's out sell street and dirtbikes combined in most markets.So we now have potentially the largest user group on public lands.Real Scary!!!!

In my two state area I have seen more riding areas trashed by atv's than I can count.......... Ever try explaining the concept of single track to a helmetless mullet dork in flip flops and a twelve pack? Sorry guys the National Forests ain't Glamis on Thanksgiving!

Until I see proactive education from the factories and the dealers(as if) to change the attitude of the average atv buyer my view will remain hard core......and I will be happy to take the heat for it.

Enjoy your riding boys while you can. Peace out.

Bikes have much lower impact to natural terrain than atvs. Typically bikes stay on the existing trails more often and make a lot less mess on soft terrain. ATVs have a hard time navigating their own mess over time so they just plow a new trail through the trees. The last 5 years of escalating ATV use has turned some nice trails in my area to rutted deltas of trails. I hate to speak out against them, but they will be the end of widespread public land use by motorized vehicles.

The options for my toddlers are pretty bleak- either continue the escalated abuse or prohibit riding altogether. Either way they lose out, so &%$#@! it. My plan is to enjoy it while it lasts, or I meet an ATV head-on on some fast single track and bite it.

But guess what atv's out sell street and dirtbikes combined in most markets.So we now have potentially the largest user group on public lands.Real Scary!!!!

That has to tell you something! They are a force to be reckoned with. With sales like that, there is strength in numbers, lots of numbers can mean lots of votes, your local and federal represenatives will listen. Now imagine having those numbers on our side also. I bet gobs of them are memebers of the BRC too. We have a very large ATV group in my state, they are a big help in trail maitanance with volunteers, trails I ride with my 2 wheelers too.

then you mention how they dont get any factory help or training...

Huh? Do you realize all the stuff you have to go through to buy a quad. I had to sign all kinds of paperwork, then they gave me a tape, plus enrolled me into an ATV safety course, then sent me $100 for going! I never had anything like that on a 2 wheeler, but I'd just wheelied through the whole thing and told them to just give me my $100! :)


Thanks for the welcome!, and, no need to oplogize, you didnt offend me at all.

I actually think this is a good thread. We (atv'ers and bikers) need to get this problem out in the open, and hash it out, and come out on the same side. We need to stand up to the greenies as ONE group, if we dont, we all will eventually lose everything.


I find it very troubling that you label an entire group of riders base off of a few individuals. Your attitude is as bad as the greenies is.

Just because you have seen a handful of flip flop wearing atv'ers, everyone that rides one must be a reckless a-hole!!

So, you can honestly tell me, that you have NEVER seen a biker, who's only safety gear was a pair of sunglass's, cut off jean shorts, and sneakers??????

Ive seen more than my share of these riders, but I wouldnt even consider labeling the entire sport of bikers as reckless based off of these individuals.

I don't understand. Why do people hate ATV's? I have some good friends who ride ATV's and they're cool, and I think it's really fasinating how some people who ride ATV's can jump the last table top. I mean clear it. It's like "Whoa!" :) and I never see them tearing up the trails back don were I lived. Everyone was real nice, not all ATVers are mean only some who abuse the privlige they have to ride one. I know I'm only a kid and my opinion doesn't really matter but I think it's kind of juvinille for adults and some older kids to hate all ATVers.

Your TT friend,


Husky, South Jersey is all sand. We ride NY state and the reservour propertys around here.

If you are going to be in the area give me a PM. I always have an extra bike or 2 to ride.

BTW the way my Yami dealer said he rode the 450 quad and he says it's an animal. Uncorked that thing must really fly!

Oh my god I bet that YZ450 is fast stock let alone uncorked. I would entertain the idea of having one of them but I am sure it would get me into trouble. I have no ATV experience and don't think that one would be the best starter quad.

P.S. All the quad riders I know are great people PERIOD!


I Ride, your opinion does matter.

It would matter more if you opened a dictionary. :)

I'm only 13 and I'm not really good at spelling and there is no spell check. Yeah it kind of sux. :):D


Here we go: Yes ATVs suck.

This spring was it for me. They have taken my single track trails and made them into two tracks. This spring they starting making one of my premere single tracks wide enough to accomodate them. I went an built a rail fence to keep them out.

Riding ATV trails are difficult. They creat two ruts that are lower then the middle ridge. The middle ridge is slopping on both sides that make it difficult to ride. Anyone that says why can't motorcylces ride on ATV trails obviously have not spent much time riding a motorcycle on ATV trails.

Riding an ATV takes absolutely NO SKILLs. I am so fed up that I sold my kid's ATV and bought her a motorcylce. I want her to learn out to ride. I had an ATV that I used for hunting and around the house, now its gone too. Best thing I ever did.

Anyone ever notice that since that advent of the 3-4 wheeler, our riding opportunities have diminished!

Here is the hard thing to swallow. It has been the 4 wheelers that have carried the motorcycle industry. Most dealers would give up carring motorcylces before they would give up their four wheeler lines.

Yeah 4 wheelers suck.

I went an built a rail fence to keep them out.

Hopfully on private land. If not, let me know where it is and I'll bring one of my (2) YFZ450s and bust that mof out and ride. And when I'm done riding my ATV there, I'll respectfully clean up that crap and dispose of it properly in an effort to keep public riding areas clean.

Riding an ATV takes absolutely NO SKILLs.

The way most people ride them? I agree. Going fast on a course/trail w/ curves, turns, jumps, etc. takes all kinds of skill.

Personally, I'm beginning to like riding mine on the tight twisty stuff more than the bike. Go figure. :)


Only near misses with a head on collision I've ever had have been with some chucklehead on a quad either stuck in his own ruts or parked there drinking a beer. These clowns should be shot! At least with a bike coming the other way you got a fighting chance to avoid each other. That's why I beat feet through the wide stuff and get to the tight single track where these idiots can't get to. I know a lot of cool people that ride quads but they're all smart enough to ride where their machines were designed to be ridden and stay off the single track so as not to destroy it. JM$.02

Any particular reason why the title of the thread was changed??

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