atv's ruts

We just talked about this on the trail the other night how the atv's are shredding the countryside. I don't have a problem with them going down a trail that is designated... it is when they can't go any farther and rail and dig up the hillside and back down to get around a crappy spot. :)


Why bash ATV riders, they are off-roaders just like you... We have to stick together to keep our riding areas open, after all we all enjoy the same trails, riding area's, etc, it's better than a tree hugging non-rider who wants to close a riding area down.. Quads create two lines when they travel, why not just travel in the middle of thier line? I have talked to many quad owners, and if you've been to croom in Florida most of the trails are whooped out because of motorcycles, not ATV's. I don't hear the ATV rider's whining, they just deal with it. We all need to get along or riding area's in general will suffer, being against each other does no good in my opinion.

Just my .02

1. Why bash ATV riders? They are increasing erosion posibilities by climbing up hill sides and back down when they can't make it through a tight spot. 2. Quads cannot make it on MOST of the trails we ride. 3. You obviously haven't rode on a side hill that the quads have came along and made the 2 tracks. Come up here and I'll see if you can ride "in the middle" of a quad track on a side hill for any length of time with out sinking or washing into the downhill rut. We have to stick together to prevent what the treehuggers hate: Noise, Erosion posibilities, new trails (tracks), and population to name a few. I drug myself by the nap of my neck to put my quiet cap on because of issues on TT and glad I came out of my LOUD box. Think about the quads my friend... or their tires.

By the way, do you ride in mountains where the tree huggers want peace, quiet and tranquility?


[...] some chucklehead on a quad either stuck in his own ruts or parked there drinking a beer. [...]

Those chuckleheads have beer in them coolers? Damn, the ruts annoy me but there might be some friends to be had out there after all.

What we need to do is when we see ATvist tearing things up, riding stupid or whatever we need to stop them and talk to them about to try and get them aware of what is going on. Maybe we can start to turn them around. Once we are all together nothing will be able to stop us :).

Hey Jester220 Blah, Blah, Blah... See if some prick on an atv gives a sh*t about how you think he/she should be riding. Is this really the way you think, or are you just trying to up your post count again?

. Is this really the way you think, or are you just trying to up your post count again?

:) Excuse me for trying to come up with a idea. It may not work for every ATV rider I know but there are some that might generaly care. I could have worded it better and maybe been more detailed but I was in a hurry becuase I had to go somewhere. And no I was not trying to up my post count. Trust me, if that is all I was trying to do you would know it. I generally dont care about my count really except to make jokes about it sometimes, although Im sure I may come across that way sometimes it just happens I like to talk. Im sure nobody noticed but I was a member for over a year and in that entire time I only had some 200posts. Thats because I was still kind of getting to know everyone on TT. I dont talk much unless I know ya. Hence the reason I have begun to post so much more as of late.

Hey Jetster, Your cool, and you have the right idea. If somebodys riding or acting badly, the most you can do is bring it to their attention. If they don't listen or tell you to F.O. don't worry about it. You did your part. You will find most people will never do anything about anything except complain. Don't let them bring ya down to their level. Take the high road.

I tink atv's are the devils tool :)

ATV riders are cool. No tan lines from riding without a shirt. That nipple pearcing has got to hurt though.

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