well folks, i promised a project bike photo article to the drn crowd some weeks ago :D, but even though the bike is done and being raced, i've just been too busy starting up the cross country season to do this article.

however, with the help of my buddy pat hall, i've finally delivered. the article and pictures can be found on patman's website at

or you can just go to

and enter the "new product testing" section.

one of my other buddies was at bike week, and- lucky sunofagun that he is- he had ALL access passes to the daytona supercross. anyhow, he ended up in one of the vip team suites eating lunch at the same table with bob hannah, roger decoster, brock glover, ernesto fonseca, and ed schiedler, who is the head of engineering for yamaha in the u.s. for some reason my friend had his laptop, and he happened to have some pictures of my project bike on it. he and glover get to talking about the internet and messing around on computers- well, to make a long story less long, the pictures of my bike got rave reviews from all those guys!! i think decoster even had some smart remarks about it being yellow! :) it made my day, and i hope you guys dig it as much as they did!

AAAAAAANNDD, while you are at patman's site, i encourage you to read some of his stuff. pat is an excellent writer. in fact, i think he's at least as good- if not better- that some editors of some dirt bike rags that will not be mentioned here :D. all his stories can be found in the "tales from the woods" section.



will pattison

racer, engineer

Will, tell us more about those hubs! How much does he sell them for?

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