426 start up

help! im new to 4 strokes, and will be going to check out a 426 <-- that 426 tomorrow. something he said concerns me, it will be about 45 degrees tomorrow. when i asked if he would wait to start the bike up till i got there, his response was "haha,sure but you're going to spend some time kicking it (bc its cold out)" is this normal for these bikes?

Depends on the condition of the bike. Mine has been modified with an autodecompression cam, but it shouldn't matter, the mod just makes the compresson strokes easier when starting the bike.

The temp outside shouldn't matter.

Give the throttle a couple of quick blips, pull out the choke, give the kick start a couple of pumps until you feel t come to rest at what should be close to TDC and give it a good kick. It should fire right up.

I would recommed having the person selling the bike fire it up the first time while you watch. Then turn off the bike and do it yourself.

426's have a reputation for being hard to start, but it is all in the procedure used to fire it up.

Good luck. I love mine.

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