chain noise

I hear the same noise on my YZ250F and I heard in on my YZ400F also. Doesn't sound good but didn't appear to cause problems...

i have the same problem with my 1999 yz400 i replaced the chain guide because it wore out very fast (1 1/2 years. my bike before was a 94 cr250 i rode it for 5 years and the chain guide was about half worn when i sold it) i desided to try an aftermarket chain guide the ty davis and the noise is louder than before but it seams to be lasting much much longer than the stock one

I would keep and eye on it. If it gets too losses it will eat your subframe. I run my chain a tad over two fingers, which for me is a little over 1.6 inches. 1.6 is the minimum distance for the 01's. Mine makes no noise and I have not had any extra wear yet on my chain and sproket. Three fingers or 2 inches is the loosest spec. The chain will make noise at 2 inches.



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Hey Rick,

I would be careful running your chain at 1.6 inches...because when you bottom your suspension (or when the swingarm gets parallel with the countershaft sprocket) the chain will pull at your sprocket and hub if it is too tight! I had mine at 1.6 when I first got it...and it was getting ready to rip my sprocket off, because it was too tight (4 out of the 6 bolts were LOOSE, and could be taken off my hand) :) I'm glad I saw it or my hub would have likely exploded (do a search the YFZ's are prone to breaking hubs if the chain is too tight or the bolts are loose)

Now I run mine at 2 inches and it works great! And the bolts havent have come loose yet! Also put a drop of blue loctite on the tapered part of the allen head that goes into the sprocket (this will help keep it from moving...there is no need for loctite on the threads since it is a self locking bolt!) Hope this helps!



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From what I can tell from both my 98' and 99' 400 is that the chain tends to hit the tire when lugging around at low rpm. This creates some noise plus eats away at the tire some. Check your rear tire for small chunks on the outer knobs on the chain side and see if this may be the source of your noise.

Very good advice from Garrett.


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My chain seems to make noise like it is loose but it is within spec, mostly when I lug the bike around in 3rd gear or just when I am off the gas, does anyone else have this problem and what can I do about it or is it ok.

I to have noticed the chain noise on my one week old 01-426. Don't worry, its normal. The chain is slapping the top swing arm guard. On mine it only seems to do it under "cruise conditions". The throttle cures it :)

Originally posted by 9inger:

My story on the chain slapping is interesting in that on my 98 I developed what I thought was an engine knock under low rpm, high torque corners (3rd gear out tight corners). The motor had at least 150 hrs of racing conditions so I figured it was a wrist pin/rod knock. I am very meticulous about oil change (2-3 hrs/change), so I tore into the motor. I mic'ed everything and nothing, not even the rings, were beyond spec. I'm frugal but not stupid, so I at least put new rings on and bolted her back together. Went riding and still had the knock. I lived with the knock another 10-15 hrs until it became really loud. At that point I noticed that the upper chain slide had worn through to the swingarm. I replaced that and the knock disappeared.

the moral: maybe I shouldn't be so frugal!!!

True do not run your chain too tight!

I had mine at about 1 3/4 in and hit a

G-out so hard i bottomed and stretched the chain to the limit and actually pulled on the hub/sprocket so hard that it twisted the hub and put the wheel cocked to the right by jerking the axle and tweeking it.

pretty amazing.

I now make sure my axle is tight everytime i ride!

As for the rubber chain slider mine wore out in less than a year and i am do for another after about another year and this one is the MSR.




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To ensure that I didn't overtighten my chain, I read a post about this and since it made sense, I decided to give it a try. Put the bike on a crate and remove the lower shock bolt. Raise the wheel to where the drive sprocket shaft, swingarm bolt, and rear axle are all aligned and then adjust the chain so that it has a little slack. This would be the arc of wheel movement where the chain should be at its tightest. By doing this, the chain can't possibly be overtightened.

DON'T WORRY..Yes keep an eye on it for sure.

I'm not sure when your noise started, but I noticed mine making a clanging noise too, the first time I rode it. I came off of 2 strokes after 16 years. I think that the low freq noise on the thumper allows us to hear the highs (like a chain noise) much easier.

Hope this helps.


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