1st ride with the YZ pipe on my WR Yessssir ! But what about jetting?

Altough (I hope it is spelled right) I'm aware of all the fuss about loud pipe :). I decided to go with a stock YZ pipe on my wr. An fmf was available but cost toooo much ! And I confess that I took this decision based on all the inputs I received from this group. I have to say that I don't regret it :D Thanks guys.

I feel much more "fun" out of my throttle. But I have to ask, what are the indications I have to look for proper jetting ?

Even if so far, the bike runs ok. No problem with starting, and while twisting the throttle I didn't feel any misses.

I still run stock jetting. The snorkel is removed but I left the lid "with 6 1 inch holes" so I could have a place to place the battery. I also installed a Unifilter.

I'm wondering if with my stock YZ pipe and the opened up intake, I have to go richer ? Even considering that the bike runs "OK" . May be I'm missing the best part of the blue beast if I don't ask :D?

I should be running a 162 (or165) main jet,(from the dealer charts). I run near sea level up to 1500 ft. Before I do any big move I want to be sure that the trouble will be worth it!

Thanks for your infos!

YZ timing and jetting would probably serve you well.

An abnormal amount of popping when chopping the throttle is a sign of needing to richen your jetting.

Have fun with the newfound power and keep your tires underneath you!!!

See ya, Kelly

When I put the yz pipe on my wr the only jetting changed I made was the main jet from a 160 to 162. It was hard to tell if the jetting was correct from checking the plug color. The best way I found was to go by the seat of the pants feel. If it was too rich or to lean it wouldnt pull as good. I definetly like the yz pipe of the wr big improvment. :)

I had a 165 main jet on the carb. I did as advised by James Dean and installed a 170 that I already had, and went for a few laps :D.

The bike feels really good. :D

I think I'd have to ride a perfectly set up bike then ride mine to see any differences :).

I don't think I'll do any more mods for now... May be the James mod and the YZ timing this winter :D

Thanks for all the info guys.

Thanks to TT. :D

I have a YZF 450 at around 600 ft. 170 main 45 pilot, when you let off the throttle if you get a lot of backfiring & popping richen that pilot to clean it up. That's why I went up 1 in the pilot, but then that is for a 450.

I run the stock jetting with my 02WR426 and the YZ pipe, 03450 cam. Runs perfectly and starts easily, grey exhaust, plug looks good.

I run the stock jetting with my 02WR426 and the YZ pipe, 03450 cam. Runs perfectly and starts easily, grey exhaust, plug looks good.

In my opinion and experience your bike will run better with a YZ needle in there. Just depends on what you think "better" is I guess...

Yeah, jetting and power characteristics can drive you crazy. I remember Brad Lackey in his last run at the championship saying that they tuned the carb jetting for high or low end performance depending on the track. Blew my mind. But its true...I ride in really tight grunt hilly areas and the stock needle with my exhaust set-up (has a PMB SA with home-made less-restrictive vortip) is very effective right off bottom into mid. I rarely use full throttle at high rpm - nowhere and no need to do it! I ride mostly tight trails with short steep hills. It will pull hard at very low rpm at any throttle setting without hestition and really rocks at mid-rpms. It is a throttle-control machine to the bone. It reminds me of a John Deere single-lung I used to do row-crops on! :)

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