Lexx pipe lighter than stock?

Just wondering from those who have got one if it is actually lighter than stock.


YZ450F btw

just got one yesterday....compared to the stock '08 silencer, no, it is not lighter than stock. In fact, its quite a bit heavier. This slip on is a monster. When mounted, it's about 7-8 inches shy of being flush with the end of the fender.

It is quiet though, and that's what matters.

not quiet when the closed course tip is on! i love how i can go from quiet to loud with 3 screws

would you say it gives more low end torque though?

its hard to say, i think i gave me some low end but the sound being louder could be making my mind belive that it does!

would you say it gives more low end torque though?

it does weigh more than the stock muffler but it (LEXX MXe) is a significant improvement over the restrictive stock muffler. i find that i dont have to slip the clutch as much with it installed. easier getting out of the turns

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