Excel Rims For Real?

Does anybody know if the Excel rims that come stock on yz's are the same quality as the ones that you would purchase seperately?

I have a 2000 426 and I have bent both of them! If they are the same quality than I don't know what all of the hipe is about. I had DID rims on my last bike and I never bent them. I want to buy new excels, but not if I'm going to bend them again. If I was a superstar than I would understand. They can only take so much abuse. But I'm not. Just a weekend warrior with bent rims.

You know, I was wondering the same thing!!! I have the 99 yz400 with the excel rims and I put flat spots on both front and rear rims. I run 14psi front and rear. I did it out at the desert coming up short on a double. I'm also not too impressed with the excel rims if they are the same as the aftermarket ones at the shop.



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I've had no problems yet, but I mainly ride tracks and haven't had mine on any rocky trails much yet. I was wondering the same thing but I can tell you that the excell's appear to be of better quality than the stock DID's on my YZ250...

I was told by a KTM dealer that the rims that come stock on the YZ'S and WR'S are not the same quality excell rim as an boughten one... for what its worth :)


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FWIW, I have a 2000 426 and the rear rim is has a pretty severe dent (overshot a large tabletop). The front is slightly dinged. I just paid 460us to have the rear trued, as well. I am not impressed with these rims (Excel).

CORRECTION:I paid $60US to get the rear trued.

I too have bent my rear rim in the Desert.I am not impressed with the excel rims.

I always heard that the Excel rims were the cats ass! Maybe not ? I have them on my WR426. :)


I came off of kawi's and they're rims SUCKED. As like yours, both my front and rears are bent. I had to put my rear one in a vice so the tube wouldn't get exposed after casing it pretty bad. pre-ops.jpg



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